A hobby farm can be defined as an agricultural that are not traditionally run as an agribusiness. These farms are self-sustaining and profit-generating. They are not the commercial farms we see covering thousands of acres. Instead, these farms are usually small sized covering 40 and 100 acres.

Hobby farms are committed to sustainable agriculture, fair and friendly animal treatment and eco-friendly farming practices.

The first tip for starting a hobby farm is to come up with a business plan. This enables you to develop a vision for your family operation.

Do not focus on profit

A hobby farm, from the definition itself, should not be for making money. Any farming activity that earns you something beyond the food you eat as a family and more profit, you are not a hobby farmer.

Do a lot of research

There are many books out there which you can read to get more in-depth knowledge on hobby farming.

Go green

This allows you to save money on several farming operations. Ensure you implement energy conservation practices. This not only increases your farm’s efficiency, it also reduces negative effects on the environment.

Test your farm’s soil quality, texture and contour. It’s also important to figure out your water management and pasture management plans.

Do go into debts

You do not want to incur debts since your farm does not generate profit. Make savings to enable you purchase better farming equipment and grow slowly and organically.

Embrace do-it-yourself culture

Learning to do things yourself will help you save a lot on farming operations. The less you spend on your farm operations, the less you have to work at your day job to pay for farming.

Get the help of an expert when necessary

Of course DIY options are great at saving money but there are times you will be overwhelmed. Getting the help of an expert is not a sign of failure.

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