Home farming is interesting and diverse. Handling your own farm is romantic, particularly if you to do it. Most people do not take it as a hobby because they have never tried it. With the correct mindset and economic resources, you can begin to see the fruits of home farming. You start loving it when you put your hands on it. Putting up a fence and preparing a garden is the first biggest hurdle that one encounters when setting up a home farm. Hobby farming on a small-scale is the best; you should start small so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Hobby farming is a profitable undertaking, from a personal experience I have seen it pay off. My farm is used on farming. I grow a variety of food crops on my farm; I also have rabbits and chicken. I can say I am self-sufficient because hobby farming feeds my family. Food is available for my family; I don’t go to the mall to buy food. Hobby farming has made me to concentrate my efforts on health foods. We eat fresh foods from the farm. Hobby farming generates an extra income because I sell farm products to the local market. Over time I have gained experience particularly in management, I can now manage the activities on my farm.

Marketing of your farm produce should not deter you from engaging in hobby farming, because the demand for farm products is high in the market. I had the same fear, but I sell my products from the farm. Demand from customers motivated me to expand my scope and size of the farm. Keeping of records is an important aspect in hobby farming; it gives you a clear picture of your progress. I would urge you not to let your rural lands lie idle, make them productive by farming.

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