While visiting our son Steve in Seneca Falls NY last year instead of just sitting around all the time as so often happens to us old retired people Steve suggested we could go to The Grand Canyon for much for the day.  After the obvious comments about it might be a little to far for a day trip Steve went on to explain there is a  Lectworth State Park in NY that has quite a large canyon in it and is sometime referred to as New York’s Grand Canyon.  So OK we are not exactly busy let’s go.  Ain’t it grand!  To be able to just up and decide let’s do something and have the freedom of time to do so?  Yes it is, take my word for it. 


 My lovely wife Pauline at the information board at the Welcome Center for the park


Our first view after leaving the car was the bridge we came in on just minutes before and it’s span of the upper part of the canyon. A lot more impressive in person of course. A better camera and a better photographer wouldn’t hurt though.

We went so well prepared we were not even aware they had a Visitor Center with info stations and comfort facilities and as they are now called as well as information about the park until after we had almost finished the walk.  We entered the park, by car of course, immediately there is a parking area to the immediate right so we parked.  Exited the car and began our tour.  The information center is a little further down the road and provides access to most of the same sights and views without the necessity of using the stairway.  For me the stairs were worth the effort.


Walking over to what we thought was the beginning of the trail I looked over the edge and began to realize the depth and natural beauty of the canyon itself.                                                      

The upper falls gives, at least to me, a feeling of the time and persistence of nature in creating this canyon. I can’t begin to have any kind of a concept of the continuous erosion of the water to create the horseshoe shape of the face of the falls. How much time and was the volume always this small or was it at one time more a river than a large creek.            

The walk down was not bad even for someone of such advanced age as myself. (smile) The slope of the stairs are gentle and the different flattened areas are well placed for the different points of interest and usually have places you can sit to rest Or just enjoy being there. Or both.                                

The outflow I’ll call it. Taken from the top and looking down the valley.

The lower falls to me at least seemed more impressive.  I am guessing due to width of the water flow. But really now there can’t be anymore water coming over here than the upper falls can there? Just perception right?          

There were quite a lot of these signs scattered along the edges of the canyon behind a wall no less. I mean can you imagine someone crossing those barriers obviously there to keep you from getting hurt only to get a better picture. Whoops must have been facing the wrong way to get the wall in this shot.           


Hope you gained some enjoyment from these photos of one of the places we have been fortunate enough to visit.  Yeah I know, If I am going to be trying to share these places just maybe I need to put a little more time and effort into getting better pictures to share.  But not so effort that Pauline and I don’t get our enjoyment from them while there!  Agreed?  Hey we were Gainfully employed for 50 plus years each.  We had our jobs and don’t really want another one. 

If you are like I am  sometimes see and something I would like to see more of or know more about but never quite get around to doing it.  If this is one of those times for you here is a link to see more and better pictures of a truly beautiful valley and gain more and better info at the same time.  All you have to do is click on this link.  Pictures of Letchworth State Park – Bing images

We enjoy visiting different places and like most of us had neither the time or the opportunity while working.  Maybe this way you can go with us and enjoy it as well.

Bob;  Let me know what you think.  PLEASE

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