On or about the first of September in the year of 2021 Pauline and I unhooked our fifth wheeler from the water sewer and electric where we were and are again staying here in NE TN backed our Ram up too it hooked up and pulled out for upstate NY to visit with family there we don’t see often either. This was one of the reasons we decided on this lifestyle after we retired. With the way families are  scattered anymore we don’t see each other often and don’t even talk often..  At least that is the way it seems to me.  Even with all the electronic devices there are conversations seem to be text or the wonderful social pages.  

 I like face to face and being with people occasionally.  Just makes it a little more personal to me.  No, a lot more actually.  Yeah I know there are those where you can see each other while talking and no I have not tried those yet.  I just like being around them I guess.  So we go to visit. We, Pauline and I go to visit.  We have the time now that we are retired, actually we just quit working for pay.  We neither had jobs that had retirement plans but were fortunate enough to have put back a little and to sell  our house and property we had invested time and money into for 15 years at a profit.

So anyway if the mountain won’t or can’t come to Mohammed then Mohammed will go to the mountain.  And we enjoy it.  Summers in TN or a visit to upstate NY or wherever we want to be.  Winters in FL where it is warm and the Specs (crappie) spawn in early Spring.  Family we don’t see all summer and felt it was time.

So off we go.  Now I am going to take a minute here and go political.  Interstate eighty one sucks.  I been hearing and still am hearing about money for and being spent on infrastructure.  This includes highways but other than through WV and MA We didn’t see it.  Rough full 0f holes and just plain bad all the way.  Has been for years and getting worse. The further north the worse and yes I know it is more congested the further north.  And I know it is colder and that doesn’t help but Damn!

We hit a couple of, bumps, that I was surprised we didn’t bust a tire or two on the trailer.  Serious.  No I was not running 80 like most of the traffic.  Our schedule is usually pretty open.  It is also eirier driving a less than the speed of traffic and we are not constantly fighting traffic trying to pass someone else.  Feels a lot safer too.

If all this money is set aside supposedly by BOTH parties where is it being spent?  Their home towns?

First we went to Lake George  NY.  That is just north of Glenn’s Falls NY which is way north of NY NY.  Pauline’s brother Billy and his family live in the area and her sister Betty is about an hour north in Vermont.  We spent 4 days with them.  Everyone came to visit and we had a very pleasant weekend. 

Lake George RV Park is very nice with all the amenities plus as compared to the parks we normally visit.  More of an RV Resort I guess it would be called.  Multiple swimming pools some even indoors from what I heard.  No I did not  put this fine body of mine on display for the world to see.  Besides it was already starting to cool off there.  They even offered free transportation into the local town which offered plenty of places to spend money if you wanted.  Of course the extras are reflected in the lot rental price. 

Nope didn’t avail myself of that opportunity either.  Spent most of my time trying to correct the things that had broken loose screws that needed tightening cabinets contents that were no longer stacked and so forth from that fine hwy.

Don’t get me wrong the visit was good.  Worth the ride.

From there West to the Finger Lakes region.  Seneca Falls is where Steve and Carl call home.  We were to be there about a week with them.  Visit and shove as much family and catch up time into their normal life as possible.  They still work just like the rest of the rest of the unfortunates in our lives.  (So Sad) Just a little gloating here.  You will all get there too.

Our second day there Bob did what seems to at times normal for Bob.  He screwed up.  Normally it’s no big thing but this time he stepped in it big time. 

We had come in low on fuel and DEF, Diesel Exhaust Fluid,.  An additive to the exhaust system that is supposed to help lessen the harmful effects of exhaust fumes on the environment.  You don’t want to run out of DEF because the truck looses power and will shut of and your stranded as I understand it but we aren’t that low on def or fuel.  I’ll handle both later.  I often pay for this decision to procrastinate. 

Didn’t want to stop on way in because Steve and Carl are coming over when they get off work and we want to be set up and ready to enjoy being with them.  They arrived.  We were set up and ready to relax and enjoy.  Which we did.  Greatly!

The next day about mid morning Bob is in the house doing whatever he was doing on the computer. I think, and remember I need to add DEF.  We keep a bottle or two in the trailer so we always have it in case we need it.  It is not necessarily available everywhere diesel is sold and can be more expensive where it is.  OK don’t put it off you know that doesn’t work well for you.  So out I go like a good boy and drop 2.5 gal of diesel in.  I’m set now.  Will get diesel on our way out this evening and we are all set again.

About five we go out get in the truck fire up and start out to meet the Steve and Carl.  About a hundred yards down the road the truck stops and won’t start.  I check the fuel gauge and it says I still have a forty mile range to go.  Then it hits.  The funnel I use when adding Def went further in than it normally does.  OH ___!  I put Def in the diesel tank.  A BIG NO NO. 

Why?  Because DEF 2/3rds water and 1/3 urea.  Very corrosive  substance and not combustible I would guess.  I guess that while I was adding the DEF I was still thinking of whatever I had been doing in the house.  An excuse NO.  Just what happened.  I screwed up.  Not unheard of for me but big time this time.

Every part of the fuel system from the fuel tank to the cylinders had to be replaced.  $20,000. and 3 weeks later we are mobile again.  Thanks be to Insurance.  It was covered uner our policy as Owner Error or in some cases I am sure The Stupid Clause.  And rightfully so.  I did no else did it was me and I knew better just wasn’t giving it my undivided attention.  It happens quite often from what I found on the internet.  The real surprise to me is the manufactures don’t seem to care.  Let me explain.

The Big Three;  GM Ford and Chrysler (RAM) ALL have the DEF fill tube right beside the Diesel fill tube.  In the same compartment within at the most 3 inches of each other.  In fairness the DEF fill tube is much smaller and has a blue cap whereas the diesel fill tube has in the case of our RAM has a green cap with a red ring.  The diesel fuel nozzle will not fit in the DEF tube but the DEF pump nozzle easily fits in the Diesel fill tube.  GM did have their def under the hood until recently, maybe even this year, but they have now moved theirs’s right beside the diesel.  Were they not selling enough fuel system parts or what.  I guess 10 to 15 thousand dollars of parts at a shot could be a good attraction for them so lets make it easyier for it to happen.

From reading on the net I see it happens occasionally with the professional big rig drivers as well and I have no idea if the fill tubes are located in close proximity to each other or not.  I would think different locations for different brands of truck.

What could possibly be the rationale for continuing  something that appears to me to be an obvious contributing factor to a recurring costly repair bill for the consumer?  Can’t possibly cost that much to relocate one of the fill tubes.

  Well that is it for me anyway’  My point of view.  Steve and Carl may have well seen more of us that they counted on but for us the time there was good excluding the frustration of waiting for parts and repair. And of course being frustrated with myself.



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