Bob; Pauline Here. We’re new at this, blogging I mean, so If all doesn’t seem quite what you expect don’t be surprised.  Hopefully either we will get  better at what we are doing or you will learn to accept our efforts as done with good intentions.  The lifestyle of farming for self consumption has been going on for years.

We are an older couple.  (I know you couldn’t tell that from the photo.) Got a little age on us but not yet ready to admit to being old.  The kids are all grown and gone, but thankfully still around, and the grankids are starting to follow the same path.  And that is as it should be.  Just over ten years ago we left SE FL and moved to NE TN in hopes of fulfilling several dreams on both our parts.  Some mutual; some individual.  Bought us almost 9 acres that had been neglected for about 15 years.  A 50 year old house and tobacco barn in about the same state of neglect were on it.  You will get more info on all that when you join us from time to time.

I don’t remember when gardening at least was not part of my life.  Sure it was missed for a season or two but not for long periods of time.  The raising of livestock for self consumption and or sale has come and gone as the situation,  either physical or mental dictated.  Farming?  Not sure you could call it that but always there.

Our purpose here, the blog, is to share what has been or is being  learned either by ourselves or what you share with us  with others like ourselves  in hopes of it being a mutual benefit to all of us.  So feel free to0 share with us as well.  This is more to us than just a Hobby (Farm or Lifestyle).  It is our chosen lifestyle.  Who and what we are and want to be.

Our ultimate goal?: as of yet unknown.  You see we hope our {ultimate} is a ways off yet and we all know how plans change.  Currently we are working on getting things as we think they should be.  That is part of why we are doing this.  We would like to share with others what is and has been going on here in hopes that at the very least you will enjoy hearing about it.  Maybe even find something useful from it and in return we hope to hear from you so we may benefit as well. You can drop us a note we would like that.

Enjoy yourself while you are here and come back often.

Bob & Pauline