Leaving the city life may be the hardest decision you’ll ever make, especially if you’ve been there for quite some time and have gotten used to that kind of life. Everything is within reach, you can just buy anything you want when you go out of your apartment. You can just meet your friends whenever you’re bored or got nothing to do. You can just take a walk outside to watch the city lights and vehicles passing by. You can do a lot of things in the city 24 hours a day. If it sounds as great as that, who would trade the city to a farm living?

However, if you leave with your whole family, it makes it a lot easier for you. Buying a mini-farm is a big step. You may have to start from scratch again, but you do it with your family. “Hobby Farm Life” is not as easy as it sounds though. Don’t take it as a hobby just because it’s named like that. “Hobby farm life” is a 360-degree turn in your life, because it will totally change your way of life. However, you’ll have to do lots of preparation and questions before you can decide if this life is good for you. Are you ready to chase down cattle who escaped in the middle of the night? Are you ready to maintain and repair fences all the time? Are you ready to clean up after your horses? If so, then this might be the life for you.

One of the best parts of hobby farm life aside from growing your own crops is raising your own animals and taking care of them. The most loved animal in farms are horses because they are very useful and intelligent as well. Seeing a horse born and raised in your farm is just extraordinary. On the other hand, you’ll have to gut up and be prepared for death and loss.

If you have a passion for these creatures, this will be a great way to make a living for you and your family. Raising horses on your hobby farm is both labor and capital intensive. Utmost and constant attention of both the animal and the farm is always required. It’s a business where you can get a high reward, but there is also a high risk in return.

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