Would you like to know the advantages and disadvantages of raising pigs? If yes, this post is for you. The following is a discussion showing how one point can be beneficial or turn out to be a disaster:


Pro – you can’t waste food in your home if you have pigs. Pigs eat everything edible you throw at them thus saving the cost of buying food to feeding them.

Con – because pigs eat a lot, they also poop a lot. On a hot day, their pens can stink a lot if they are not cleaned regularly.


Pro – some pigs are friendly and sweet because they are smart animals. Interacting with one can be an enjoyable experience.

Con – if they’re smart, it means they can escape from their pen. They require a strong fence to hold them; in case they escape you will find hard to catch them.


Pro – pigs are busy creatures who are fun to watch. If you give them a bath during the hot days, they will get excited like children.

Con – it can be difficult to part with a pig when you want to send it the pork freezer. Sometimes it is better to be detached from your pigs emotionally because you will eventually have to part ways with her at a particular point.


Pro – you may sell one pig to provide for the other one you keep and be left with some cash to spare.

Con – the person you sell to may find out that you were left with only one pig and may beg you to raise them both. It may be your friend who doesn’t think you have any problem keeping two pigs.


Pro – they reward you finally with tasty pork. The pork from your farm is better because it is free from diseases and worms.

Con – if you have more than one pig, you may want to kill another pig after finishing the pork in your freezer.

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