Whenever we talk of life in the country and farming, several things spring up in your mind. But I bet on top of that list is
cows. Apart from the land itself as part of farm life, livestock is the second most important entity. If you have cows in
your farm, you have almost every need in your farm catered for. Milk is a basic household commodity. With cows in your farm,
you will be saving the money you would otherwise be used to buy from the shops.

If you are doing farming as a hobby rather than as a business venture, you would be better off having dairy cows. They take
up less space and with the ever-increasing population, the land is becoming quite scarce. However, if the land is of no issue to you,
you could do ranching. The baseline is, whichever method you choose, you are going to reap big.

One of the benefits of having cows is that they produce manure. This can be used on the farm where you are producing crops
thereby reducing the commercial fertilizers you are going to buy. In the case of beef cattle, every once in a while you could
slaughter one if you are into that and eat or sell the meat. Their waste can be used to produce biogas which can
be used for cooking and lighting.

Cows can average to a calf every 12-18 months. Within a short time, you will find
you have more than you can handle and this opens an outlet for you to sell them and get some cash. The excess milk can
also be a source of income for your family.

Cows need to be taken care of just like we do. They should be checked for diseases and parasites and treated accordingly.
They should have a clean shelter. Show them some little love and they will return that love by serving you with their
wonderful and nutritious products.

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