Actually I had very little to do with it.  Ella May, the first cow we bought had another calf yesterday the 19th of April in the year 2017.  Just before dawn.  How do I know this for a fact?  Well:    Just after good light I went out to the barn to start the job of taking the brakes apart on the tractor so I could find out what was needed to get them to work again.  This running it into a tree or dropping whatever implement you have on to stop it was getting old.  Anyway as I was setting up to start I noted that I saw only 2 of our cows.  We have 3.  So of course I started looking to see where the other one was at.

We new the time was getting close.  All the physical indicators were there.  You know; big belly,  her udders were full and she was acting a little less social than normal with the rest of the cows.  Sounds a lot like people doesn’t it?

But anyway I spot her.  She is just about as far away from the barn and house as she can get in the field I have them in right now.  Standing there broadside to the barn, where I am looking my way and she keeps shifting here position slightly one way and then the other.  It is as though she is trying to keep something hid from me.  So of course I look a little closer and see what appears to be small legs showing under her belly.  Sure enough that is what it is!!!  Off I go to check.  Yeah it is raining but if she can have it in the rain the least I can do is walk down there to check and make sure everything is ok.  She is nervous and still tries to stay between me and it but being a kid, and hungry, around to my side it comes to suckle and I get a good look.

YEP, four legs.  Head is in the right place, 2 eyes and a tail and long black, as the ace of spades, wavy hair and wet.

You know I didn’t think too much about her being wet.  Like I said it was raining.  But a little later when I look up from working on the tractor I see Ella May and she is just then discharging the remainder of the afterbirth.  This is when it dawns on me, she had JUST given birth when I first saw it earlier and I do mean JUST.  I was able to witness the first steps and the first feeding I do believe.  It is times like these that make our lifestyle worth the effort.

Ella May likes rainy weather for this job.  Until this year she has always calved in March on a cold rainy miserable day when in my opinion she thinks I may not be out and around to bother her new calf.

Of course the fact that I did not get the bull until later last year may have had something to do with the later birth this year.  You Think?

It happened last year and the years before that too.  You can check that out at http://hobbyfarmlife.com/life-on-the-farm-starts-again/

Yes it happens every year so why do I still get excited about it?  I don’t know; New Life?  The sudden existence of something that wasn’t?  The opportunity to watch something grow a become and to be a part of the process.

These all seem like good reasons to me.  How about you?

Bella is next.  Due pretty soon from the looks of things.  You’ll want to stop back in for that big day as well.  This will be her second.


8legged cow

see those four legs right under her belly? Not only are they going the wrong direction but they aren’t hers. Dead give away!

ella may and calf

Mama tried to keep her hid but she was to curious

bella 2017

Bella is next. Note that not so trim waist line?

See you then;  Bob

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