OK!  I have been gone for months.  I don’t mean I wasn’t posting anything often or even regularly I mean I haven’t been around at all.

I apologize.

An example of the more open areas The green is not grass but a creeping vine that I call inch plant. The cows don’t eat it.

There are reasons though.  If you have in the past visited and followed this site it was probably noted that quite often I mentioned, no complained is probably a better and more accurate description, about still having a lot of our almost 9 acres that was not useable due to the amount of trees on it.  I mean thick!  It was hard to find an area that you could stand, spread your arms and not be able to touch a tree with both hands in any direction,  Thick.  No grass growing there.  Serving no purpose at all as far as benefiting our animals.  Last fall or early winter I decided it was time to fix that situation.  I have been working on it 5 -7 days a week since.  Well most of the time.  I get that way.  Obsessive.  This has been the focal point of my attention since.

Yes I know that is about a year now but it is pretty much done.  For the moment at least.  I already know of a few more that need to come down.  There again that is me.  Always something else to be done.

Why so long you say?  I mean after all it was probably only about four or five acres.  Remember; it is just me with my trusty little chain saw a small farm tractor, ropes and chains on hillside ground and other demands that life puts on us.  Most of the trees were not large, 24″ at the base was a big one but that same tree would often be twenty to thirty foot tall with all the limbs and debris that goes along with it to be cleaned up.  Add in that winter and spring here are usually quite wet, the soil is mostly clay based and that wet sloping land can make for some very interesting times either on foot or on the tractor.  This means there was a lot of days I couldn’t work on that project.  Don’t worry there were plenty of others to fill the time.  And there were a couple of mishaps along the way as well.

I’m sure I told you about my fall off the ladder while cleaning leaves out of the gutters,  How Not To End A Vacation On The Farm (OR ANYWHERE ELSE)  but there was another one as well that I may not have told mentioned.

A few weeks after the afore mentioned incident I was back at it again.  Saw firmly in hand and small, ( up to six inch) trees toppling right along.  By this time I had tired of cutting them off two to three foot above ground and then making a second cut at ground level to lower the stump.  My solution?  One cut at ground level on the ones up to about 3 or four inches.  There was a problem with that though.  Because of the density of the trees they were tall and thin.  As I was cutting one off it split up the trunk.  When it split it was like a coiled spring that released all it’s energy against my left cheekbone.  A little blood.  Not much.  But within a half hour a knot the size of a golf ball was there.  When Pauline arrived home that afternoon both eyes are black, the left cheek swollen quite a bit and a bruise covered most of that side of my face.

It never was said but you can bet it was hinted at.  You know you may be getting to old for this.  Are you starting to lose it?  Should he be out there alone?

Anyway it is pretty well done for now.  I even managed to get some grass seed down the other day.  Can’t wait for that first blush of green as it starts to sprout.  The cows will appreciate some fresh winter rye and fescue the winter.

Anyway I just wanted you know I am still here.  Still alive and experiencing the adventures and misadventures of (HOBBY FARM LIFE.COM)


Let me hear from you!

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