Morning.  Getting mighty (summery) around here.  Days jumping up in to the mid 80s even a couple where we were chasing 90 hard so of course summer pasture and next winter’s hay comes to mind.

Early in March, maybe too early, we bit the bullet and spent the money necessary for the liquid lime and fertilizer we felt we would need for the new and old pastures we have.  No we did not buy more land or even lease it!  Can’t afford that and quite frankly to do that I would have to hire help and we can’t afford that either.  Nine acres is just about all that I feel like I can handle along with the farm related, but not quite, projects such as using the downed trees from the clearing project to build a fence for the yard.

There is only about 400 foot of it and all it required was the felling of the trees.  Removing the limbs.  Cutting to length, hauling up tp the barn so I could strip all the bark off and treating the bottom 30″ with a preservative to protect from rot and then build the fence.  I also set this part in concrete in hopes of it lasting longer than I do.  I didn’t enjoy it so much that I don’t want to redo it again any time soon.  I do have other post to replace but they will be just post not the bracing and top rail you see here.

The top rails were fun trying to do them alone.  Eight foot long and about 4 to 6 inches in diameter.  Holding them in place and nailing them there.  I had already asked a friend who happens to be a son-in-law as well to help and he had agreed.  Just give me a call when I’m off he said.  Then it hit me!  DUH Bob just make a couple of T post the right height and you can handle it.  So I did.

Went a lot easier when I started using my head not just my back.

BUT I was talking about grass and pasture for the cattle.  I am thinking about getting a couple of old goats, the four legged variety, for weed control.  I hate using herbicides.  My wife and partner in crime is not to sure about that yet.  I’m sure she will be ok with it if they just happen to show up one day.  Think she’ll believe they just wandered in?

If you have read much of what is on this site you are aware that about four to five acres were heavily (treed?) when we bought it.After I quit the job I had and completed quite a few smaller ongoing projects I started clearing by hand.  Well chain saw and tractor.  Those areas still have the stumps cut close to the ground but now I can at least grow grass.  But let me show you instead of just talk about it.


goodgrass3Those little black dots you see there are the cows backs.  Most of the height is seed stalks of course but there is still a lot more grass than we have had in the past as well as another 3 to 4 acres where we can grow grass that we couldn’t before.   The seed stalks reached 3 to four foot in places and believe me the cows appreciate the improvement.

Several areas are more like this and still have a lot of spreading to do to be all that it could be but we are getting there.

This is what we hope to accomplish all over.






Perfect Yet?  NO!  But then neither am I so me and this place go well together.

There is a lot more to just growing grass than what one might think and that even includes the lawn where all you get out of it  is mow it.

All those seed heads.  Should I mow them or not?  Does it make a difference or even matter.



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