Hobby farms refer to smallholdings that are managed without having the expectations of them being the main source of income. Some are just meant to provide recreational services, however, some people go the extra mile to incorporate various agricultural practices aimed at increasing the profits from these farms. In this regard, some people utilize the hobby farms to supplement their main income, to cater for the various expenses. Hobby farming therefore if taken seriously, can be a sideline economic activity that can possibly improve your economic status. The specific people in this regard are the retired professionals who just want to practice and enjoy, a more laidback way of life. They can choose to settle in this practice in the countryside and alternatively, some people will dedicate themselves to commute between the city’s premises and their newly established hobby farm.

No matter the place you wish to start your hobby farm and regardless of the climate of that particular ecosystem, there are a variety of hobby farming activities you can rely on and establish, be it a desert, a semi-arid, a mountain region, a scrubland or any other kind of ecosystem, there are viable opportunities that will transform this dream into a reality. Just to highlight a few, the following are the benefits of hobby farm:

� It provides an opportunity for growing different kinds of fruits of your choice.

� It offers a chance for various recreational activities e.g. sport and fishing

� Offers a suitable terrain for horse riding

� Gives you a choice of the kind of livestock you want to stock for personal but not commercial reasons

� For the poultry lovers, you can establish free range poultry because there is enough pasture to cater for this.

� Offers a convenient terrain for running and other exercises that potentially improve your physical wellness.

Although hobby farming is a luxurious practice, it is important to note that a hobby farm requires proper maintenance. It involves various activities such as watering, toxic treatments, weeding, clear felling and much mo

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