Why Do Hobby Farmers Bother?

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You know we can just go to our local supplier of whatever we want and buy it right?  And probably cheaper than it is to make it to. 

I’m working on a new sausage recipe this morning .  Working with five pounds of pork butt and a recipe of what is reported to be old Pennsylvania Dutch.  The “author?” of that site made mention of the fact that by today’s standards the seasonings were light.  He is right!  Not only the amounts used but the spices and their respective flavors as well.  Salt pepper ginger and sage.  All of which are not what I would call heavy or strong unless used in abundance.  So it made a nice but mild almost bland sausage.

Not what I am looking for!

I am trying to make a good  spicy,  not hot, smoked link sausage. I like a zing or spice to sausage.  Something different than just the pork.  A little heat or even sting is not bad but I do not have that need to set myself on fire internally just so I can say I enjoy it.  I like for my smoked sausage to have a little texture to it.  By that I mean passed once through a 1/4″ grinding plate.  Pauline calls it chunky I call it texture.   Like eating a piece of meat.  Hard to find.  Most commercial sausages are ground fine just like sausage patties or even lunch meats.  No texture or chew factor when I have finished eating.  This is not necessarily bad and does allow for the use offcuts that are available.  Cuts such as the hams or loins if you don’t need those in the freezer right now but need to get the hog out of the feed. But for me if I haven’t chewed I haven’t eaten.

I have found one commercial maker that makes what I consider a good smoked sausage.  “Conecuh Cajun”.  A little warm and a little fatty but good.  They also have a hot one that has a bite.

Now you may be asking yourself well if you have found a good one why bother to make your own?

My answer?  To prove to myself that I can of course.  After all isn’t that why a lot of us hobby farmers or self sufficiency farmers or just plain do it yourselfers do what we do.  Just so we don’t have to depend on someone else for what we want or need?  Just so I will know that if I want it and the one local carrier of that product stops carrying it I can still have a good well spiced sausage with nice texture to it that does not set me on fire when I eat it.

Just so I can say I figured it out and it turned out something good.

Well that recipe still was not it but we gussied it up a little and ended up with what may be a passable product.  Well for breakfast patties anyway.

Sausage making is not the same as it was when I was a kid.  I was a hand grinder just set up on the table or counter and you had to hold it down while grinding unlike todays electric grinders and even attachments for other kitchen appliances to grind meat. Hmmm, maybe that is where I learned to appreciate the courser grind.  I also learned that if you were the one pushing the meat into the grinder you wanted to be the one turning it as well.  Should a finger get caught in the grinder you would stop it a lot faster than anyone else.

Back to it now and hope your day is as good as I plan on ours being.


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