Whats Up For The Hobby Farm This Year???

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The 2016 year is now history and whatever we wanted to accomplish during that time frame either has been accomplished or we just slide it off to finish in the next year.  Which of course is 2017.  The big leftover for us is clearing the land that is still not productive.  It does provide shelter and habitat for wildlife which we are loath to loose.  (I had to look loath up to make sure I was right there.)  We enjoy the birds and yes the bees too when we can.  The squirrels and rabbits make nice entertainment occasionally as well as all the other small creatures that go along with it.  The larger wildlife such as, and especially the deer, we have been somewhat disappointed they are not around more than they are.  But for practical purposes we need to get more of the trees off so grass con grow.   Probably somewhere between 1.5 to two acres was improved last year. At this rate by the time I am 90, still a few year away, it should all be cleared.  I’ll get there really I will!

It is not our desire to have a large herd of cattle.  We have three cows now and assuming they all produce each year that will provide meat for us as well as a couple of animals to sell.  They went into winter looking good, as you read at  http://hobbyfarmlife.com/great-farm-animals-winter-is-coming-and-i-want-to-brag/   our 3 dextersThe pigs pigswe have sporadically for our pork and occasionally sausage to share with others who enjoy it.  The chickens free range part of most days but the woods would probably provide them as much nourishment as the pasture land.  It does provide predators with more hiding spots and the chickens more susceptible to them.  So some of the trees we will leave to maintain our privacy as well as habitat for wildlife but a lot more need to come down.  Living closer to nature is one of the advantages of farm or rurual living.

The barn?  You heard me speak of it all year and the addition needed for it.  The addition was added.  We now have the room to keep equipment out of the weather and store hay under roof.  It also gives  covered parking for the boat and allows my truck to go back in the carport and me to get in and out without concern for the weather.  So the barn is good right?  Not really.  It is 70 to 80 years old and time has taken it’s toll in some areas.  And then low and behold Pauline comes in from work a couple of days back with a couple of windows she got at a good price from work with promise of several more.  The only place they can go is in the barn walls.  I am not putting anymore holes in the house walls.  So there is still things to be done on the barn as well.

The tractor!  We have it back up and running and that is all taken core of now.  Well not exactly!  The hydraulics are still not all that I would like them to be and the ignition went out a while back and I haven’t managed to get the glow plugs hooked up back like they should be yet.  The more we own the more we are owned don’t you think?

Wish I knew how to put one of those little smiley faces here so maybe you would know I am not complaining.  Life in general and on the hobby farm just seems to work that way.  I discovered quite a few years back that I don’t need to make (new) NEWYEARS RESOLUTIONS each year just look back at the ones from last year that just seem to keep on growing with me.  And that is not bad either.  If they were worthwhile then they probably still are so just see where you are and keep moving forward.  We may not ever get totally THERE, wherever there is, but if we do we will just have to pick ourselves new goals and start again.

How about you?  Have you decided where you want to be next year this time and how to go about getting there?  Take a look around and I bet you will find that just like us you can continue to improve on what didn’t get quite finished last year.


I am obviously a littloe late getting this one out but somehow it slipped by.  SORRY


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