What You Need To Know About Starting a Hobby Farm

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There are plenty of reasons why you might want to start a hobby farm. You might be thinking of retiring but want to stay busy. Maybe you grew up on a farm and miss it since you moved to the city. Or maybe like the idea of making a little extra income selling eggs and fresh produce to neighbors. Whatever the reason, if you have decided to start a hobby farm, you need to know a few things.

One thing you need to know is what exactly is a hobby farm. A hobby farm is any farm that does not provide a person’s main income. It doesn’t matter how large or small the farm is, just that you operate it more for personal enjoyment than as a money making opportunity.  For a little more details you may want to visit http://hobbyfarmlife.com/what-is-a-hobby-farm/ Almost half of the farms in the United States and the United Kingdom are considered hobby farms, with many in the U.S. bringing in less than $2500 a year.

Another thing you need to know is how much land you will need. If you want a farm to grow vegetables, it doesn’t take much. However, if you plan to have a cow or pig on your land, you will need at least an acre. For free range chickens, you might want to look at buying at least two or two and a half acres. Raising other animals may require at least ten acres, especially if you plan to grow the crops that will be used as feed.

Finally, you need to know that even if you are doing it just for the love of farming, it is hard work. Another post you may find interesting along these lines http://hobbyfarmlife.com/up-every-morning-at-6/If you’ve never worked on a farm before, be prepared for some long days and nights spent preparing your land to plant crops, feeding animals and keeping them clean, repairing fences and other enclosures as well as performing any number of other tasks necessary to keep your hobby farm running.

Hobby farming can be a wonderful, rewarding experience. It offers an opportunity to reconnect with the lifestyle many of our grandparents enjoyed. Growing and eating healthy food and seeing what you can produce with your own hands makes this a very enriching pastime.

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