What Is Life On A Hobby Farm Like “Let Me Tell You”

Dexter Cattle, Heritage farm breed

I woke up this morning at 4 o:clock in the morning.  Now that in and of itself is not unusual.  Pauline usually makes a potty run sometime between three and 4 so I wake up around four.  Now this is not to say it is Pauline’s fault either.  I sometimes have what in women is called a hot flash.  I know,  I know men don’t have hot flashes we have (NIGHT SWEATS)  or so I have heard.  It does seem to me though that in a flash I am hot all over.  Maybe it is just my feminine side coming out  I don’t know but I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in that.  Anyway back to the subject.

I woke up at 4.  No reason that I can lay it to it just happened.  Well I am going to lay here and see if I can go back to sleep.  I had just about accomplished that too.  I mean just dozed off and my eyes pop open.  Hey it is Sunday  we don’t have to get up early today.  You know what?  I couldn’t go back to sleep then come hell or high water.  Gave up about twenty till five.  got out of bed  let the dog out for his morning relief run took my daily allotment of pills and tablets and turned the coffee on.  It’s about that time anyway.

Kicked back in the chair picked up my electronic book and started to read a story I wasn’t really enjoying anyway.  Needless to say my mind drifted.  There are several things I need to get done today.  I know it is Sunday!  A day of rest and all that but for those of you who know me I can’t just sit for long.  If I do no one is going to enjoy it!  The brakes on the truck aren’t right yet, got that  little bit of painting that needs doing.  There is those mounting brackets to go on the box blade so you can use it for a rake.  And I still have those barn poles that need to be sealed and set.  So plenty of choices.

But you know the one thing I had not planned on?  Hadn’t even thought about?  Really did not want to know about?  THE BULL HAD GONE VISITING.  Yep went to see the neighbors heifers he did!  Now we think there is a lot of prejudice in the world today about humans.  You should check it out on the farm!

For example we have registered pedigreed Dexter Cattle.  My neighbor directly behind us has Angus.  My bull goes visiting and if he and one of their heifers get (friendly shall we say) he is somewhat less than pleased.  Come on now they are both registered.  Both have pedigrees and the dominant color in both breeds is black, so what is the big deal?   Is it that big a deal that that his bull weighs out at about 1800 pounds and mine will get to 1000, maybe, 1200 if he is so fat he can’t walk.  Mine has horn but his doesn’t?  That should be worth something right?  Come on let’s be real here.  An airplane is flying over the US at 35000′ a pregnant woman, citizen of another country, has a baby it is a US citizen.  So if one of his cows has a calf in this field full of Angus cattle it is an Angus right.  Doesn’t matter who the daddy is.

So anyway the bull is out and I have to get him back!  And Now.  This is not one of those things you can leave till tomorrow.  So How do I do this?  He has 50 acres adjoining ours on two sides, thankfully fenced off from the rest of his family’s much larger holdings but that is still a lot of land for one person, me, to corner up a bull who’s mind is set on romance and get back into his own pasture.  All I have to do is convince this bull that what he really wants to do is just walk right through this little ten foot hole I have made in all this fence,

Well I did it!!!!!!  It took about 3 hours, cutting the neighbors fence, (yes I repaired it) and considerable riding and chasing on the four wheeler to get him back but I did it.  Stuck the four wheeler once and Pauline had to come pull me out.   She loves these little excursions don’t let her kid you.  She isn’t really allergic to poison Ivy at all just says that she is, but you should have seen her crawling back and forth over the truck console to get in the drivers seat so she didn’t have to get out.  The four wheeler makes a pretty good cutting horse too.  Now I am not that good a rider and I had a hard time staying on a time or two.  Probably would not have stayed on a cutting horse!  My back was sore from spending most of yesterday under the kitchen sink but we worked that out too.

The Bull is back and he is as tired as I am but we are both home relaxed and enjoying it.  Well I am not sure if he is enjoying it or not but he hasn’t moved since we got back home.

That was my day on the (HOBBY?) farm and if you think about it for a minute I bet it was not that much different from yours’.  You know, maybe that boat anchor wouldn’t hold in just the right place or everyone in the family wanted to do the same thing, except for that one.  Oh maybe not today and the situations may be different but they are still there.

Anyway mine was good and I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine.  And I did enjoy it!!!  Not while it was going on maybe And I may have gotten profane a time or two.  But sitting here feet up beer in had and the bull back where he belongs it wasn’t bad.

So goes life on the, whatever kind of farm you are on.  Funny or otherwise.



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