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A hobby farm (also called a lifestyle block in New Zealand) is a smallholding or small farm that is maintained without expectation of being a primary source of income. Some are merely to provide some recreational land, and perhaps a few horses for the family’s children. Others are managed as working farms for sideline income, or are even run at an ongoing loss as a lifestyle choice by people with the means to do so, functioning more like a country home than a business
According to   About.com

A hobby farm can have different definitions. But the basic idea is that a hobby farm is a small-scale farm that is primarily for pleasure. The owner or owners of the farm typically have a main source of income, like an off-farm job, a pension or retirement income, or perhaps a trust fund. Whatever the source, the point is that the farm does not have to make money – it can be engaged in on a hobby level.

For tax purposes?  That can change as the wind shifts.  Or not.

According to Bob

I would say the first two are both probably correct or accurate as far as they go.  I would also say that if you asked each and every one of us that are now have been or want to practice this lifestyle a different answer would be received from each and everyone one of us.  Some similarities  most meaning much the same things, some difference, maybe still meaning much the same thing.  For me, and it is predominately my desire for land that pulled us to the {Hobby Farm},.  Why exactly I can’t really say with certainty and would wager that many of us are the same.  I remember leaving home going into the military.  One of my many thoughts at the time was that I would never return to work on an orange grove.  Not agriculture in general just the citrus industry.  Why I can’t say with anymore certainty than why I have always wanted land.  I’m a little, well make that a lot, older now and I like to think I know who I am more than I did then.

Short of the lottery we may never be what our world considers financially independent.  And I can live with that.  With wealth comes responsabality of it’s own and I have of necessity been responseable all my life and don’t need anymore than what I already have.  What I do want is to be able to look around me and say this is mine.  I own it, I’ve made it what it is, it is what I want and no one has the legal right to even try to take it from us.  On this property we can live self sufficiently if need be without need of depending on others to provide for us.  We can live without takeing more from nature than we give back and without harming or taking from anyone else.

For me I think that about sums it up.  Sound familiar maybe?  Or maybe you  have other thoughts on the matter?

Oh give me a home where the buffalo, of my choice, roam

And the skies are not cloudy all day; except when it rains and then as often as needed

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word;  I’ve dealt with those my entire life and lived through it

And the deer and the antelope play; A few on occasion are great


Sign Me;  Just another HOBBY FARMER?



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