Tips To Help You Start Or Improve Your Hobby Farm


First off let’s clarify what we are talking about here.  The term hobby implies something that we do strictly for entertainment or pleasure.  Something that if I don’t want to do it today I just don’t.  A pleasurable pastime or interest.   While all of these may be partially or in some cases completely true for others such as ours, mine and Pauline’s,

Pauline & Bib 2015

yep this is us. At the tender young age of, well Pauline won’t let me say

it is more a desire to have or build something that should the need arise could support, at least to the point of providing food, and maybe with more concentrated effort some income.  For many of us with small acreage it is  a desire to live more closely with the land and or nature.  For those that thin they want this there are many questions!  How do we do it?  What do we need to have and what do we need to know.

I would say first we need to decide in which area of agriculture we have the most interest and desire to participate.  Is it gardening and the growing of plants and food crops to support ourselves whether for sale or self consumption or is the interest more in having and raising livestock of some type or maybe several different ones.  How much time will I have to devote to this endeavor?  How much freedom do I want to have to go and come as I please?

All the above mentioned questions are issues are  that, SHOULD,  be at least acknowledged and addressed prior to even purchasing the property if that is what you have or want to do. Do most of us do it this way?  In my opinion a loud and resounding NO is heard here.  At least for me it was that way.  But I had a little advantage here.  I was born and raised in an agricultural environment.  I had some idea of what I was getting into.

But I implied tips to help you make this decision  and how to accomplish it once the decision is made so here goes!

Decide where you want it to be.  Where you are currently located or are you going to relocate to another area entirely.  Give it some serious thought.  Yes there is weather anywhere but it will play a major role in what you can and cannot easily do.  As the old rhyme says, Some like it hot some like it cold,. The same applies to livestock and vegetation as well.  We are blessed with the technology to be able, with effort, to make adjustments that will allow us to do or grow pretty much whatever we want wherever with want.  These adjustments can be both time consuming and expensive however.

Determine where you think your primary focus will be.  Larger livestock means larger land needs.  Do you want a lot of free time?  Livestock makes more demands on your supposed free time than does let’s say a vegetable garden or plot.  Some animals need more attention than others.  Some definitely more land or food than others.

All these you will need to think about and if you do you will be way ahead of me.  I still find myself having to adjust for things that I probably should have considered before I made the move.  But I still enjoy it.

Read!  There is all the information you can possibly take in and use available both on the net but also from your local library.

Plan for what you want and how to get there!  Money is still important in todays world even if the rat race is what we are trying to escape.

Think about not only the needs of the lifestyle you are changing to but the impact it will have on you and others in your life and family.  I do not refer to doubts here but to thought that will help you make the right choices and less stressful on all involved

Even the reading, planning, and thinking about what you want is enjoyable so do it all again.  It will help you be more prepared to enjoy it and insure your success.


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