Thanksgiving Away From The Farm

A vacation to be taken; Birth Place of Wpmans Rights, Seneca Falls NY

We decided to take some time away from the farm for Thanksgiving and visit with our son in up state NY who we had not seen in about a year.  Nothing unusual in that!  With the way families are spread out now the day of The Waltons are long gone.  There were literally millions of people on the roads and airways over the holiday traveling to see family and friends not often seen.  We even passed a Greyhound bus.  Haven’t seen one of those in years.  As far as I know Greyhound Bus lines are no longer in business but at one time it was a common site to see them on the highways.  We left here Sunday morning before the holiday and was gone until the Saturday after but that is not what made this trip different for us or at least for me.

To understand what I am talking about it is necessary that you understand that when I travel there are only two places of any importance.  The place we leave from and the place we are going to.  The rest is just ground to be covered.  In fact it has been said by at least two people, both of them female, (one I am married to and one that I was) that if there is something they say they want to stop and see I will take a different route home to avoid the stop.  Said mostly in jest (I think) but there is some truth to the sentiment as well.  I am not much of a tourist.  You may have experienced the scenario yourself on occasion.  Hey Bob there is a scenic overlook coming up let’s stop for a few minutes and check it out.  OK sounds good I say.  Darn I missed the turn off and there is no place to turn around here, we’ll catch it on the way back OK?  Sure, usually with some exasperation in the voice,.  In my own defense it usually is not intentional and my intentions are good but stuff happens.  I am trying to get better.

For example the route we take to our sons, and back, takes us right by both the Little League Hall Of Fame and  Museum and Corning Glass Plant and Museum.  Neither of which hold any particular interest for me.  Until this trip Pauline has managed a quick 70 mph glimpse as we zipped by both.  But hey I don’t even get that, I have to drive.  Funny how that works out.  In all honesty though I have encouraged Pauline for us to stop on the last couple of trips and visit Corning Museum.  Maybe out of guilt on my part but still I have tried.  We normally stay as long as we can when we visit the kids so when we leave it is necessary that we get home.  You know how it is; work and the farm animals make demands as well.  This time it was different.  We stopped on the way back.  At least at Corning.

It is easy to find.  It is in Corning NY.  Imagine that.  It was Friday after Thanksgiving and we had left Seneca Falls, where our son lives, a little before mid-day but actually I am getting ahead of myself.


I am not sure if this is the same building or not but it is said to be the location of the first organized meeting of women for the Woman’s Rights Movement.

The weather was not the best while we were there.  Cold and snowing when we arrived and raining or at least overcast and damp the rest of the time.  Not the kind of weather that encourages outings.  I on the other-hand get cabin fever pretty easily.  I have to get OUT!  So I walk around town.  I discovered on our first trip up that Seneca falls is the birthplace of Woman’s Rights.   womans-rights-centerIt also played a big part in the Underground Railroad during the slavery days of our country. In fact the house our son-in-law’s Aunt lived in was part of this movement.  And at least part of the Christmas movie IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE was filmed there.  As I understand it the book the movie was based on was based on Seneca Falls.  I have visited the bridge the angle supposedly jumped off of in the movie. Quite a lot of history occurred in this area.  But then that no doubt could be said for most places if we just took the time to look.

So I stopped in to the Woman’s Right Museum again.  I have visited it before and found it interesting to say the least.  Besides it was warm inside.  Just Kidding!  It deals with not only The Woman’s Rights Movement but also the abolitionists movement and the part that many of the people of color of that day did and still play in the fight for their freedom and rights.The Native Americans are represented here and their search for and obstacles overcome for them to have the same rights and freedom that we other Americans experienced.  And in truth it is still not over.  If you doubt what I just said and you have a wife girlfriend or daughter that works outside the home look at what they get paid as compared to what a man in that same job gets paid.  For example Pauline and I worked at the same plant here for years.  She performed the same jobs that I did, often before I did, but still to this day receives about 30% less pay for that service than I did when I left.  No I am not particularly a woman’s libber but I do believe two people doing he same job equally as well should receive the same pay.  Or at the very least if one is receiving less the supposed leadership in that company should be able to tell that person why they receive less.  We are not very likely to improve on something we don’t know we are short in.

There is a lot of information on several different aspects of human rights available in that building and yes I know your trips may not take you to that city but I bet it can be visited online as well.     Take a few minutes to check it out you will find that not only was and is it women involved but a lot of men as well.  And if you happen to be in the area STOP check it out it is worth a few minutes of our lives.

Stop #2.  Corning Museum of Glass.  Keep in mind here that this is the person that does not stop anywhere, well gas and bathrooms and a hotel if we must.  My expectations?  A big building with a bunch of glass cookware that can be put in the oven and some maybe on the top of the stove as well.  Oh and of course a gift shop where you can buy some.  Even that would not be bad for a short visit.  I cook too, and I like to have the right tool or product to do the job as much as anyone else.  Male or Female.  So let’s stop for a little while look around see what has been and what is new buy a couple of pieces of what we want and get back on the road.  We are still a long way from Tennessee.     (We were there for two to three hours!)  A long time for me.  Just skimmed the surface and saw no where near all of it and much of what we did see was absolutely amazing.  Remember I am not much of a tourist.  Nor am I an not an avid art appreciator.  The thought of someone, anyone, paying millions of dollars far a piece of art of any kind is beyond my comprehension.  This does not mean I cannot or do not appreciate the skill and dedication required to accomplish it but it needs to do something!   Perform a function, do a job, make life easier or just be of some value in improving our life.  We saw some of that as well but there is sooooo much more to see there.  I never thought of glass as a medium for art.  Pretty!  Yes!  The form and shapes that it is made into are amazing to see.  The designs and patterns painted on it sure.  But just the glass itself?  And the colors and effects created by it?  No.  Never even considered it let alone appreciate the end result.  It was all there.  Not only the functional pieces made, designed and decorated to make it not only useful but decorative as well but the pieces made strictly for the purpose of looking at and for me being amazed by.

We, or I should say Pauline took several photos of what to me were some of the most impressive pieces we saw and I want to share those.  I left my phone in the car and no these cannot begin to give you even an inkling of the size and impact of these pieces. Have they ever been used for anything other than to impress?  I doubt it.  But if that was the purpose then that purpose was accomplished at least with Pauline and myself and she is more polished that I am.



corning-punch-bowl-set corning-crystal-boat corning-threaded-glass-ball corning-black-mirror-meThe black mirror shown here is about 4′ high by 3′ wide and very shiny.  That is my reflection in it by the way.  It is layered and the glass itself is clear and backed by some black substance making it all appear as black as black can get.  The Ball and pedestal clear or milky glass string. Not strings, it appears to be one long continuous string.  Then there are the two punch bowl sets.  I seriously doubt they have ever been used for that purpose.  I know my Mother would not have allowed me in the same room with them.  The red piece was I believe a piece of wall décor.  The birds in it appeared to be real mounted Crows or Ravens, I think.

It is not my intention to write a commercial for Corning here.  They no doubt pay people a lot more than I have ever made to do that.  I did however enjoy it immensely and would like to share more of it with you but that is all of the art we brought home with us.  Just pictures.  Here is a link to the Corning Museum site.  I am not sure how much you can find here but I believe enough to make it worth your time.

Stop #3 The Little League Museum?  It did not happen  Sorry by the time we  left the Corning Museum and drove the few miles down the road closing time was approaching and Bob’s normal travel mode had kicked back in.  In my defense it was still several hours down the road to our desired stop for the night.  I’ll see what I can find on line for you but for us?   Hopefully next trip it to appears as though it will be worth the stop.  Only a few miles from Corning they could both be seen in one stop.

We enjoyed sharing this trip with you and hope you didn’t mind the stops.

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