STEELHEAD Something New On the Hobby Farm (AGAIN)


Once again we tried something new!  Now a few years back that may well have had entirely different images coming to mind but it seems that now it usually involves;  A new dish, often the entree, or maybe even a new vegetable dish but definitely a new recipe.  Almost without fail.  This time it is Steelhead Trout. 

Recently Pauline fell IN LOVE WITH” Salmon, broiled rare, me I like mine just a bit warmer.  The recently being probably about a year ago.  Isn’t it strange too that as age progresses how much further back in time the term recently reaches.  We had noticed it on sale in our local grocer for sometime and commented on how similar it looked to salmon.  I even went so far as to say , I think, they may be in the same family.  Still haven’t checked out the correctness of that thought but said it none the less. 

Anyway, Friday, early, I was in the store.  About 9.  Time enough that the reduced items should be marked down and out so full advantage can be taken.  Sure enough there is the Steelhead, farm raised, marked down.  Still considerably higher than what other varieties are available in the freezer section.  In this section of the case the fish are clearly marked, fresh never frozen,.  Not sure I buy into that but OK I will pay a little extra.  But that much!?.  I’ll do my other shopping and think about it.   

Shopping may be a misnomer in my case.  I pretty much know what I want where it is at and what I expect to pay for it before I leave the house.  A lot shorter trip that way.  Things to do you know.

 I bought it.  Outrageous price and all.  Hey it is Friday.  Date Night ya know.  No work schedule for tomorrow.  And besides we are snowed in.  About 2 inches on the ground.  Talk about lucky!  A beautiful woman with whom I have a date set and a new (dish?) to try.  Let’s see where it goes.

Pauline gets home a little late.  There is snow on the road and I am starting to get a little worried.  She gets in fine no problem and our routine begins.  I hear about her day she hears about mine, including the new fish purchase, I go out to feed and check on the farm’s livestock and collect farm fresh eggs, come back in and we delve into the options of how to prepare this new treat.  

It turns out we are not going to have fish tonight.  We are going to shoot a few games of pool.  Have our drink(s) of choice while we do.  Throw a frozen pizza in the oven when we are ready and see where the evening goes from there.  So much for wining and dining you’re thinking right?  Well you don’t know do ya?

Saturday we cook the fish.  We couldn’t really decide how we wanted it other than broiled. Pauline wanted something like a 2 tbs soy sauce, two tbls brown sugar, one tsp spiced brown mustard sauce to go over hers.  Me I just wanted salt and garlic to taste with a good commercial lemon pepper combo on mine.  Hey!  We have 2 fillets no problem.  Pauline likes her’s just a little more rare than I do mine so mine goes a little further back in the broiler and about 5 to six minutes later out they come.  They were great!!!!  Intermix the taste delights with the collards and mashed sweet potato, taken together, and the kidney bean salad as desired and you have the makings of a excellent meal.  Good company of course helps

And by the way, the mashed sweet potato was a package from the store, $1 spent there and the kidney bean salad recipe is from good housekeeping cookbook but they are all over the internet and pretty much the same.  The one I use calls for olives.  I don’t like olives so I don’t put them in.

Are steelhead and salmon related?  Here is one place you can check it out.  You should do it for yourself and not take my word for it.  It is interesting.

Another aside;  Yes it is a small farm, Hobby Farm as it is called, or maybe my insurance policy if things really take a bad turn but most of all it is HOME.  We love and enjoy it and no not everything we do is farm or farming related but everything we do is related to the farm.


Oh and by the way any photos you happen to see here I borrowed off the net.  When it left the broiler taking a picture of it was not on my mind! 




PS Thought about adding some smiley faces or whatever they are called but if that is needed there is something missing in my literary endeavors here.  What do you think?  Let me Know.


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