Slab Apple Pie (New To This Farm)

And let us not forget New Recipes to be Tried

Doesn’t look much like an Apple Pie does it?

About a month before thanksgiving Pauline started looking for a set of cookie cutters.  Not just any cookie cutters would do.  They had to be something special.  Don’t ask me what the difference was exactly but she could not find them locally and wound up ordering them on the internet.  What was so special about them I still don’t know.  Guess I’ll have to ask.  The reason though was that a new recipe for Apple Pie had been presented on one of the cooking shows she enjoys and she wanted to make it.  slab-apple-pieIt seems the top crust is not just a solid piece but is made up of different shapes and figures having to do with the Holidays of course.  Not only that but it is baked in a cookie sheet pan instead of the traditional pie pan.

What difference does that make?  Well I don’t know about you but for me there is always the desire to try several of if not all the pie offerings available and by the time I have sampled several, full slice, offerings it is way more than I should have had.  This one is thinner so I can get a slice of it that still looks like a slice not just a sliver and seem to enjoy it more.

Pauline made it for Thanksgiving dinner when we were up in NY when we joined our son and his in-laws family there. .  Was it good?  Enough so that Pauline wanted me to a special THANK YOU to Marcela Valladolid for the recipe.  Yes it was very good and judging by the fact that all we took home with us was an empty pan everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well.

Thank You again Marcela;  I hope that is not taking to much for granted using her first name.

The recipe is as follows:

Well I tried to copy and paste, just the recipe, but after several attempts and kept getting just part of the recipe or all the ads to go with it so I will settle for giving you the link where you can see it for yourself.!

This is probably better since it leaves out the probability of me either leaving out something important or including unneeded.

Here is hoping that your Holidays are as enjoyable as we hope ours will be.  And yes I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS even though I keep hearing that may not be entirely politically correct right now.



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