me & chics 2

Me and the chics ( Boy these don’t look like the chics I used to hang out with)

(Small scale family or group oriented farming focused on enabling self sufficient or independent living and or the pleasure or satisfaction gained from it.)

For those that have been following this blog you are no doubt aware that I have been doing this for just a few months. I didn’t really, nor do I yet, have much of an idea as to what it might , if anything, become or what I wanted to do with it. I never thought very much about the who or location of the peoples that might show an interest. A self sustaining lifestyle is something that has always been an interest of mine. Being able to provide for myself and those I care about just in case something catastrophic happened. Something as simple as not being able to find work or a national or international economic crisis or collapse.

Or maybe as my ex wife said on a few occasions I was born about 200 years too late. Pauline may feel that way as well just hasn’t said so. Yet at least.

our 3 dexters

OUR 3 DEXTER COWS (Hopefully all carrying a calf)

What I NEVER gave any thought to was that readers from around the world might show an interest and the interest that would trigger in me. It has happened so you see now I have started thinking about things such as: Does this happen in other countries? Is there people with other backgrounds not only in the United States but other countries as well that share this with me. WikipediA states that New Zealand refers to it as a Lifestyle Block and in some instances they are referred to as small holdings. We seem to have named them in different places so they must exist. Perhaps of necessity more than hobby or pastime activities but we are there none-the-less.  Perhaps as simple as a small garden for vegetables in the back yard.  A cow or pig or two or maybe a couple of goats, rabbits or sheep.  Or just a few chickens.  Ordinary people living normal lives.


The last few days I have been trying to research, on the internet, and find other people doing the same thing in say the France Spain, Russia. All of Vietnam or what was South Vietnam. The UK and Australia Greece, Italy. Wales and Ireland, my ancestry is from there. I visited South Vietnam, Spain, and Turkey, Greece and and a couple of other Mediterranean stops while spending time in our military. While in any of these I experienced some surprises, both cultural and social. Some very pleasant and some just surprises. Anywhere in the world really where people live and practice small scale (family) farming’.

While in Athens my friends and I wanted to get away from the normal areas we as young men on shore leave visited. So we just started walking. No idea where we were going or what we would do when we arrived but walking and looking. Not far mind you we had to walk back too and did not normally walk well on our return trips. We met some nice people and despite the language barrier managed a few brief but interesting conversations. We wound up in a small family owned, (cafe), is what I would call it here, 8 or ten tables and they sold alcoholic beverages. Not American beer now but we wanted to taste the local (culture?) as well. If I remember well we were the only customers at the time and was showered with their full attention, THE WHOLE FAMILY. The proprietor decided to give us a FREE class on the taste of several different local wines. Perhaps he was in hopes of teaching us a little culture. In the name of improving international relationships we of course felt it our obligation to humor him. Several sample glasses and a lot of good laughs later we managed to (walk?) back in the general direction of the ship. I don’t believe any of us contributed to the Ugly American image that afternoon. Turkey we landed in only for maneuvers and that on a closed down remote military base. No fun allowed there. Although if I remember correctly we did have access to a beach there and if that is right that is where I managed to step on a Sea Urchin while swimming. Was almost written up for that. Destruction of government property you know. Very serious offense.

I am not sure the military was impressed with my social skills. They tended to keep us as separate as possible from the local populous wherever we were. Remote enough that we had to walk most of the places we went. I believe they called that keeping us in condition. In all fairness though these are places I would not have had the opportunity to visit had it not been for my time of service. And I enjoyed seeing and learning a little about these places and people while there.

But REALLY I would like to know. I could not find out anything on the internet about homestead type, self sustaining, sustenance, or hobby farming in other countries. I would think it happens everywhere. A little land, maybe a little livestock, a few vegetables and probably the need for income from somewhere to help with the extras. Maybe it is my search techniques and if you can offer suggestion there that is fine as well and will be appreciated but what I really am interested in is the hows and whys of people in other countries with similar interest and lifestyles and to maybe make contact with them if they are comfortable with that.


EMAIL BOB at paullyh12@gmail.come

Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    We are never so thankful for soemnhitg when we don't have it. As soon as it's repaired I am sure your home will be filled with wonderful baking smells. Until then there is so much to do stovetop. Today in fact I am making a lovely risotto.

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