Good Morning again.  Yes it is early here again, about 6:30.  Why so early?  Well I am up anyway whether I want to be

Time To Wean The Calves Fun On The Farm

This actually ties several needed parts of the farm life into one.  Not a lot of details here but we touch on a lot

Created Myself Another Farm Issue or Problem

Yeah I know I said putting up that lean-to off the barn was to be the next project but then I remembered that I still

Hobby Farm Land Clearing

In quite a few of the earlier post I have spoken of the amount of land we have that is still virtually unusable as

Best Return Animal On The Farm

While writing a recent post I made a statement that in my opinion (and I quote)  And on a serious note. Rabbits!  For

Hobby Farm Reproduction Issues

This Is Not JUST A Hobby About 12 years ago when we first started this part of our life there were many, and I

Predators On The Farm Too

Normally when we hear or see the word Predators we or at least I, unless in the farming mode, think of that sick ummmh

Bob’s Low and Slow One Pot Farm Dinner

OK let’s face it:  Our home grown meats, be they beef pork chicken or whatever are not going to be the same as that sold

Grass Fed Beef Steak Recipe

It is early here.  Six Thirty AM actually, nice and cool , about 56 degree I think.  Should degree have an s, degrees?  I am

Grazing Hogs On The Farm Feast or Famine

In seems everywhere I turn someone is talking up the advantages of grass fed.  This includes hogs.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I agree