New Pigs On The Farmstead

Let me tell you what I at least think is a cute little story.  I recently posted telling you of buying a large hog and

Things Not Heard On The Farm Anymore

As I have shared before when we first bought and moved in the property was rough.  The land  had been totally neglected for about 12

Country Sausage In The Making

I was going through Craig’s list last weekend looking for pigs to buy.  It was time we had a couple on the ground and


Let me share with you another experience of life on the farm.  Now this was not my farm.  In fact at this time in my

Let’s Talk Rabbits On The Farm

Rabbits may well be if not the most cost effective animal to raise on a small farm it has to push the one that

HEY I GOT IT GOT IT The Barn Addition Is Finished

Was just getting ready to start running the strings to layout the locations of the barn poles yesterday and of course discovered something, not totally

Let’s Get Rid Of The Bull On The Farm

I have had it on my mind for several days that I needed to get back in here and put out something new on

What Is Life On A Hobby Farm Like “Let Me Tell You”

I woke up this morning at 4 o:clock in the morning.  Now that in and of itself is not unusual.  Pauline usually makes a

How Is Your Summer On The Farm

It has been HOT here and BUSY.  You would think with 16 hours of daylight each day I would be making a lot of

Raising a Beef For Home Or Sale What Does It Take

A while back I was doing a post on the animal best suited to give the best return for the dollar and time invested