How Not To End A Vacation On The Farm (OR ANYWHERE ELSE)

  Got time for a quick one?  Story I mean.  Yesterday the 29th of Nov. was our first official day back to a normal routine.  Pauline

Cost of Raising Goats For Meat or Milk

This and one on sheep will be the end of a group of posts published over the last year on the cost of raising different

Last Harvest Of The Season On The Hobby Farm

After all my complaining about the summer heat we drop to 28 overnight tonight.  It was seventy at noon today.  BIG difference!  It did

Quick and Easy Hobby Farm Hog House

Looks a lot like a topper for a pickup doesn’t It?  There is a perfectly good reason for that so let me tell you

Great Farm Animals (Winter Is Coming And I Want To Brag)

Here it is Monday Nov. 7th and I got up with the desire to just brag a little.  Not so much on myself but

Raising Chickens For Home Consumption? What Does It Cost?

How much does it cost to raise chickens from chick, newly hatched, to maturity?  Or at least the size that you want for your

October 25th On The Hobby Farm Paulines Birthday I FORGOT

Here it is Tuesday October 25th  In the year 2016 and once again I have let it slip past me that this morning it

Farm Fresh Off The Griddle Or Smoker In This Case

(When I woke up this morning you were on my mind)  Sounds like a song lyric doesn’t it.  Some of you, or us, may

Tips To Help You Start Or Improve Your Hobby Farm

First off let’s clarify what we are talking about here.  The term hobby implies something that we do strictly for entertainment or pleasure.  Something

New Farm Emplement for Cheap Three In One

Mad Max were the first thought for two of my boys when they first saw it.  But now I have a three in one