Slab Apple Pie (New To This Farm)

Doesn’t look much like an Apple Pie does it? About a month before thanksgiving Pauline started looking for a set of cookie cutters.  Not

A New Recipe For This Hobby Farmer

It is cold here this morning.  About ten days before Christmas and about 30 degrees and falling when we woke up.  So I am not real interested

Viscous Rumors About Farm Hogs Fact Or Fiction

I have heard it all my life and have to admit that until I was grown, or at least grown enough to start thinking

Today’s Hobby Farm Breakfast

Breakfast. Our eating habits have changed on the farm over the years but that does not mean they cannot be just as tasty and

The Cost Of Raising Sheep To Eat, OR NOT

The last commonly raised farm animal that I can think of at least is sheep.  In an effort to help you decide if either

Thanksgiving Away From The Farm

We decided to take some time away from the farm for Thanksgiving and visit with our son in up state NY who we had

How Not To End A Vacation On The Farm (OR ANYWHERE ELSE)

  Got time for a quick one?  Story I mean.  Yesterday the 29th of Nov. was our first official day back to a normal routine.  Pauline

Cost of Raising Goats For Meat or Milk

This and one on sheep will be the end of a group of posts published over the last year on the cost of raising different

Last Harvest Of The Season On The Hobby Farm

After all my complaining about the summer heat we drop to 28 overnight tonight.  It was seventy at noon today.  BIG difference!  It did

Quick and Easy Hobby Farm Hog House

Looks a lot like a topper for a pickup doesn’t It?  There is a perfectly good reason for that so let me tell you