Farming Memories From Viet Nam 1968 And Some That Is Not

What was farming in Viet Nam like?  Today,  I don’t know but in 1968 it was a shocker.  Going there and seeing how they lived

BUT BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE (Winter Water ON The Hobby Farm)

Eat snow for water?  Is it possible?  We, probably, possibly Maybe? could have? all seen the old Western films where the herds of range

Dry Or Liquid On The Farm And Why? Lime That Is

Are you aware that the application of lime to your soil, IF NEEDED, is not a one time fix?  Personally I have been aware if this for

How To Make Our Farm & Garden Soil OHH So Sweet

Spring is just around the corner here on our little hobby farm and as with everyone that enjoys the outdoors this brings about thoughts of

The Hobby Farm Hay Wagon Reborn

As you may remember last year, or was it the year before, I used a mobile hay feeding system instead of just the stationary

Crisis On The Family Hobby Farm

The Scours:  That’s right, our 8 month old yearling bull has the scours.  Saturdays afternoon he seemed fine!  Sunday morning he was a little

Spirits ? On the Family Farm!!

We, Pauline and myself, were visiting with some friends and family a couple of weeks ago and a discussion of death and the hereafter came up. 


Has your winter been as crazy as ours?  Here we are NE TN right on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains.  It is mid

The Shooting On The Family Farm

This is going to skirt on the edges of an issue that comes up very often in the world of all of us today regardless

The Hobby Farmer Has Questions (About Steelheads)

You ever run into something that just kind of keeps you asking questions about it?    Something that may be of no real importance at