The Not Exciting Part of Life On A Hobby Farm

Farm life has been hectic here for the last several  months and I guess I just let this slide.  No apologies here.  We have been

Why Do Hobby Farmers Bother?

You know we can just go to our local supplier of whatever we want and buy it right?  And probably cheaper than it is

Daily Farm Life. Does It Affect Our Daily Lives

What is it that makes farm or hobby farm life different than any other type of life?  My opinion on this would be the

A Little Squirrely Around The Farm Of Late

Know I haven’t posted much lately and what I have was not quite what I wanted it to be.  I am going to lay

Another Day On The Hobby Farm (Basset?)

As usual our day starts early.  Pauline has to be at the office by seven and out of whatever my motivation is that day

Whats Up For The Hobby Farm This Year???

The 2016 year is now history and whatever we wanted to accomplish during that time frame either has been accomplished or we just slide

Hobby Farm Soil Ammendments. What? How Much? Why?

It’s Spring again already.  Or at least it feels like it here.  Late in Feb. and it was 78 degree yesterday and in the

Farming Memories From Viet Nam 1968 And Some That Is Not

What was farming in Viet Nam like?  Today,  I don’t know but in 1968 it was a shocker.  Going there and seeing how they lived

BUT BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE (Winter Water ON The Hobby Farm)

Eat snow for water?  Is it possible?  We, probably, possibly Maybe? could have? all seen the old Western films where the herds of range

Dry Or Liquid On The Farm And Why? Lime That Is

Are you aware that the application of lime to your soil, IF NEEDED, is not a one time fix?  Personally I have been aware if this for