Rabbits for Fun and Profit and Food

So long as you don’t necessarily count profit as a lot of money put in your bank account or pocket; Yes.  If you can

My Tips On Starting A Hobby Farm

  Tips on Starting A Hobby Farm We will start out with sharing more of our thoughts, motivations and experiences that led us to


RAISING PIGS As with everything there are pros and cons Just a quick note here to give you a little food for thought if

Goats as Pets

  GOATS AS PETS? (Guess I should have known with all the Dwarf and Pygmys around) I never thought about it much till it

Heritage Breeds What? & Why

Heritage livestock are animals  and poultry that have been around for a long time.   Most of them in fact are descendants of the same


Actually I think it is probably the other way around since chickens were probably first in the evolutionary timeline.  Whether we are staunch believers

Self Sufficient Living

Many people are tired of the rat race and feel enslaved to the system, working hard to pay bills and barely keeping their head

Tips for Starting a Hobby Farm

If you want to start a hobby farm, you should start by planning and setting goals. Consider what animals and crops you’d like to

Tips for Starting Your Hobby Farm

A hobby farm can be defined as an agricultural endeavor that are not traditionally run as an agribusiness. These farms are self-sustaining and usually

Can You Be Self Sufficient On Small Acreage

For those who enjoy farm living, love animals working outdoors, hobby farming is a great way to enjoy this hobby and passion that we have and