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Pensecola FL Beach

Sept. 2 nd  And by the way that is Mobile AL.
A few days back, about the 25th of August I think it was, we started out on a leisurely trip to SE Fl. Jensen Beach to be exact to spend a month with the kids and other family there.  That was the plan anyway.  Things happen as I am sure everyone knows.  See; We rented a lot in a development on Hutchinson island for the month of Sept, at a good price for that area at least.  On a river and ocean access canal and right across the canal from Pauline’s sister and brother who live there.  Of course I don’t have a boat anymore LOL so the water access is secondary at this point.  A nephew has offered the use of his boat and it is already in the water and waiting for us but I am a little funny about borrowing so we will see.
And then along comes Dorian.  You know that little tropical storm that was out there when we left but didn’t really amount to anything.  Well it became a big boy, and is still getting bigger.  Did we go there.  NO I’m not completely foolish no matter what you may have heard.  Of course the kids were not sure of that it seemed.  They kept sending updates on the storm and warning that we might not want to come there right now.  We agreed.  Actually we had already determined that our trip down was going to be even more leisurely and less direct.  Maybe even down the Gulf Coast since the only time we had ever seen it was years back when I had a sister that lived in Sarasota.  We tried to get over once a month to visit her and saw it then only from the car windows as we hurried in or out of town. They were always quick one day trips.  With me being raised in SE FL and Pauline having spent about 20 years there we are familiar with the unpredictable natures of hurricanes.  We were in Pensacola visiting the beach areas, you know just being tourist or old retired people doing things like try to find a parking space to accommodate a 30 ft. motorhome pulling a 20′ trailer along a two lane beach road in a crowded residential neighborhood where the beach allows pets.  There is always that to consider and it turns out the pet friendly section wasn’t much longer than our rig.  A slight exaggeration but not by much.  We did it and the beach and water was beautiful.

pensacola 2

Buddy and I on the beach. I am the taller one of course.

Pensacola beach’s

I’d  say it was worth the trip even with the downtown traffic and parking or lack thereof and all.  It has been many years since I have seen the water that clear on the Fort Pierce beaches.  The waves were gentle and had we been prepared it would have been great to take a swim as the water temp was about like getting in a bath tub.

Very Nice.  Ok let’s go get some lunch and decide where to next.  Again the parking!  Gotta love large shopping center parking lots.  Our situation now reminds me of a line from an old country western song;  Give me forty acres and I’ll turn this rig around.  That us about how it works for me anyway.

As we were eating Chinese, not particularly good Chinese, but that is what they called it anyway we were looking for a destination and camp spot for the night.  Pauline checked the weather and we discovered they had started talking evacuation of the barrier island where our rented site is.  Well so much for that easy coastal run down the Gulf side right now.  Hurricanes are kind of like life, (you thought I was going to say women right) very unpredictable.  Keep telling you I am not that foolish but you won’t believe me.  More discussion while finishing lunch and we decided we are  staying where we are for a couple of days at least..  A lot of searching for camp grounds calls later we settled on going back a little north and west and found one not full yet.  Not surprising really.  It was already a holiday weekend near the ever popular beaches and ad in a large dangerous storm already threatening the East Coast of FL with talk of evacuation along our destination area.  A lot of people leave the coastal areas in storm situations and it is probably smart to do so but a lot of us didn’t when we lived there.  Myself being one of those so I guess it should come as no surprise that the kids will stay and weather the storm.  Hopefully it will never get there but we will stay where we are in case it does and help is needed we will be within a hard days drive at least.
For now we are sitting north of Mobile AL along highway I 65 with no WI-FI so it will be a few days before you get this .  Pauline just loves the no WI FI part.  I don’t think you could call this park a Resort.  Pretty well crowded in and appears to be mostly permanent or semi permanent residents.  But everyone seems nice and it is shady under the live oaks.  Which makes is good as it is in the nineties and predicted to go up.

Guess that is it for now but will keep you apprised of what is going on.

Next stop?  Not sure at this point.  Aint it grand.

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