PA lake

As I said in my last post we were about to take our first real trip in our motorhome and we did.  First overnight stop was in Wilkes Barre PA fo

PA lake

I love the water if you can’t tell. Everywhere we go I check out any local water.

r our family reunion.  Pauline’s side of the family.  A lot of her family is from the Jersey and Pennsylvania area and no I am not going to apologize for them for being born up north.  They had no say in the matter.  Just kidding yall!  We wanted to stay at the campground at the Frances Slocum State Park



but as often happens we put off making reservations until the last minute and found the park and all the hotels in the area were full but it was not the family that caused that.  Not that good of attendance.  Anyway we couldn’t find a place to stay so we wound up camping in the WalMart parking lot.  Our first experience with that but it is quite common and acceptable to WalMart in most areas.  FYI.

We had of course stopped for gas on the way up and this gave us our first real example opportunity to check gas mileage on the camper.  We had driven it back from just north of Atlanta where we bought it and I admit I probably drove it somewhat aggressively after I found it was not performing as I thought it should.  Yes it was hilly going north through South Carolina but it seemed I should be able to maintain at least 55 on those hills but it wouldn’t.  When we arrived at home and I calculagted mileage to find we had averaged almost 5 mpg I thought I was going to die.  That is a long way from the 25 we average in our Honda Ridgeline.  Of course that is a V6 not a V10 and not 31′ long pulling that same vehicle on a trailer.  Was hoping for a little better than 5 though.  Still am actually.

Thought it should be better so into the shop it went.  We did find a couple of small issues which could have attributed so those were corrected but the big one was the timeing.  One bank of cylinders was 2 degrees off.  It made a difference in how smooth it ran for sure.  Engines have changed so much over the years since I did some shade tree mechanic  work on my own that the mechanic may as well have been speaking in tounges when he tried to explain it to me.

Still I wanted to know how much better we would or could do.  Hey, gas is down now but they ain’t giving it away.  First fill-up 6.77 mpg.  Not great but better.  Let’s run about sixty and see how that works.  Filled up again in Wilkes Barre and found a 7.66 avg.  Still does not look good compared to that 25 but it is about a 50 percent increase over the 5 mpg.  Still working on my learning curve on how to best operate this small train I find myself driving,  A big change from the small stock trailer or occasionally boat I have pulled over the last few years.

WHAT?  You want to know about the family reunion to.  Ok then.  They say a picture is worth 1000 words I think it is but you will have to be the judge.


PART of the gathering


A TWISTED game as You might guess


Not my best side I dare to say and no I was not drunk regardless of appearances


A new family member! At least we are all hoping so.


You can’t really tell from this angle but it is not only the few but the younger that seems to have participated in this self torture method.


There they are again. A lot of laffs were gained here.

2019 famreunion4

Front and center a Sister that we had missed for a lot of years

2019 famreunion2

A son and husband who have missed a few but made this one.


Some of us YOUNGER ones slipped off the first evening far a little unsanctioned quality time


more of the quality time

OK now I am tired of trying to get these photos to do what I want them tp so this is what you get….

NEXT STOP?  Upstate NY Cayuga State Park and lake.  Just outside Seneca Falls, home of not only the making of  It’s a Wonderful Life, the movie but also the birth place of Womens Rights AND where one of our sons live.

Hope to see you there with us.








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