Life On The Farm Starts Again

cows due to calve in March or April
bull calf march 16



new calf 2HEY it is cigar time.  Had a bull calf born earlier today sometime.  I was out stirring the compost before I put it in the garden and the cows started talking back and forth so I looked up to see what was going on.  I knew the one that I thought would calve next week was not up at the barn most of the day so was going to go looking for her shortly anyway.  I looked across the pasture behind the house and low and behold there stands May Bell, our first cow, with a little carbon copy standing beside her.  Carbon may be the right way to describe him too.  Black as the ace of spades, already dried off up and around and obviously been fed a few times since he was up and around and moving pretty good.  I just kept on doing what I was doing.  No big thing!  YEAH you bet.  See we didn’t get any last year.  I had got rid of my bull and had a hard time finding one and then I guess the girls were shy.  Anyway no calves last year.  Think we will have another one within a week to ten days.  It will be the 2 year old heifer.  I wasn’t ready for her to go yet.  In fact I told her to stay away from that bull when I brought him in last June.  Guess she didn’t listen huh?  Reminds me of some kids I know.  Don’t listen to the old man he don’t know nothing. 

As soon as Pauline get in  about 3:45 I’m going to take a couple more shots to go with this one .   Maybe get some perspective.  Dexter cattle are small so the calves are small as well.  About 40 to 45 pounds I would guess from carrying him a short way up the hill.  Now that was interesting.  Mama wanted to stay real close.  Right beside me or behind.  Either way those horns were close and a little intimidating.

new calf 1new calf 3

  OK that is about all the excitement I can handle for today.  Have a good one and see you soon

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