Last Harvest Of The Season On The Hobby Farm

A very nice crop was realized

pay no attention to how straight those lines are. I HAD NOT BEEN DRINKING. yet

After all my complaining about the summer heat we drop to 28 overnight tonight.  It was seventy at noon today.  BIG difference!  It did prompt me to get up off  it though and bring in the last of our warm weather produce.  Not much left really, just egg plants and bell peppers.  What triggered it was as I was winding down my long day of domestic duties I decided to bake a batch of oatmeal raisin cookie.  Nope that is not a typo.  In an about  12×15 cookie sheet just one.  Why do they call it sheet when it has 3/4″ sides on it.  One cookie.  Well I did cut it so I guess it is now multiples.  By the way I don’t bake!  One other change too.  As I was finishing up the mixing I walked by with a jar of peanut butter in my hand and low and behold an estimated 2 to 3 tablespoons spilled out into the mix.  Didn’t seem to hurt it at all.  Thought it might be to much oil but does not seem to matter.  Not that I have sampled mind you.  But back to the harvest.  As I was cleaning up I looked out the kitchen window and noticed one of the egg plant plants was all frost burned and wilted so I decided it best to go ahead and get them in.  Especially since Pauline was standing right behind me when I mentioned it and said, “Oh I guess I will have go get them in since it is only going to be 28 in the morning”.  I can take a hint.


On an aside. Have you ever heard of using Eggplant to make oyster stew? Yes I am serious. Actually all you do is make the stew with the same recipe you always use peel an eggplant then cut into 1/2″ cubes add to recipe instead of oysters and prepare as usual. It is not bad. The eggplant is not the same as the oyster if eaten but the stew is good and the flavor quite similar.

Anyway I just wanted to share this with you.     We have already done this a couple of times this year and we only put out two plants.  Sure would be nice if we liked egg plant.  Actually we do but this is a bunch all at one time.  Pauline has already steamed a bunch and put them in the freezer to use in whatever she decides to use them in. 

pepper-plantsWhile I was at it I wanted to show you these bell pepper plants.  Now you see why I don’t include me often.  I usually am not dressed to the nines.  Whatever that means.  We plant a couple each year and normally have a good harvest but never have I had plants of this size.  Yes you are right they don’t look so good but we have a few cool nights.  Now I am not a tall man, not quite six foot at  best, but these plants were 4′ a month ago.  They still have peppers and bloom on them but don’t think those will make.   


Then of course there is or should be the fall crop.  In this case Collards.  I love them but have not had much luck with them here.  By the time they grow in the spring we are fighting the bugs and in this case the fall crop hasn’t done real well due to the lack of rain.  collardsAs you can see they are right behind the house.  The south side which should help but without rain I think th3e house and it’s drain system to remove water from the foundation funnels what I put there away almost immediately.  Oh well live and learn.  At least we hope we learn.

That is about it for now.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving here.  We are going to upstate NY to visit our son and family.  We don’t get to see them as often as we like either.  The kids are scattered fr0m SE FL to upstate NY.

And by the way it is time to start planning next springs garden so you might as well get started.



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