How Not To End A Vacation On The Farm (OR ANYWHERE ELSE)



Got time for a quick one?  Story I mean.  Yesterday the 29th of Nov. was our first official day back to a normal routine.  Pauline was off to work at her normal 6:30 and I was already doing a post about our vacation trip including the unusual tourist stop we made at Corning Glass plant and Museum.  As it began to get good light OH about 8 I decided to take my morning walk and check on everything.  We  had some rain the night before accompanied by high winds.  30 to 40 mph gust.  The rain is more than welcome considering we are almost ten inches behind for the year but I wanted to make sure the winds had not caused any damage.  Everything was fine and the guttering I had put up to fill the water tanks for both the cows and  pigs had accomplished their job just fine.  Maybe one for the chickens next.  Shouldn’t take much there they don’t drink much.  Everyone had enough feed and things should be good for the day and I could continue to work on my blog.  But First, I need to check the gutters.  As I said rain last night and some heavy stuff headed to us tomorrow.  I haven’t cleaned the leaves since early leaf fall and we have had water in the basement a few times because of poor gutter drainage and improperly installed gutters after the new roof installation a few years back.

I grabbed the ladder and off I went.  This shouldn’t take long only 6 down spouts to check and we will see from there.  First one was great not one leaf showing in that entire gutter.  Number 2 had a few right at the spout but that was all.  Next one coming up and we are half way done.  Again just a couple well within reach.  I start back down and the feet of the ladder moved.  The next thing I know and I do mean literally the next thing I am lying on my stomach on the ladder trying to get up.  One leg is through the rungs of the ladder and as I lift my head which is resting nicely on the now perfectly shaped top rung I notice a nice pool of blood quickly forming on the concrete.  A word of advice here.  Do Not try sleeping on a ladder.  It is not comfortable.  Now that is what I remember, the shift in the ladder and me getting up.  Nothing in-between.  In 1983 we were in west Tennessee in a rental house that we moved into when we first moved there.  The kids were small and we were out playing in the yard with them.  My oldest son was on the swing and of course swinging higher than would be considered safe no doubt when suddenly on the forward swing he slipped out of the swing backwards and landed flat on his back.  Scared the; well anyway it scared us bad.  He told us later he had no memory of the fall.  None what-so-ever.  I could not understand that then but I do now.  For me there was nothing between the slip and getting up.  I came off a ladder once before.  Many moons past.  That fall I remember.  From top to bottom.  That same son was a witness and says to this day I looked like Big Bird trying to fly on my way down.  When he found out I wasn’t badly hurt the first words out of his mouth was, grinning from ear to ear, Dad you won’t be using the boat this weekend mind if I use it.  Memories such as those are what has made life worth living.


it ain’t pretty but then I never was

OH well I said I would make it quick.  After getting the ladder to turn me loose and standing I realized I had a good blood flow going from my forehead.  No concern about thick blood now.  Into the house then to check it out trying to catch the flow all the way.  Hey every drop that hits the floor I am going to have to clean up!  I am the househusband now.  Being brilliant like I am I deduced that since I could not stop the blood flow with two hands trying to do so with one while driving would be a lot like texting and driving at the same time while blind would be like.  So I call Pauline.  She gets off work comes home and takes me to emergency.  A couple of hours and I think 7 stiches later I am back at home with this fine head piece you see me wearing.  wrapped-finished jobup

Don’t finish vacation or anything else this way!  It is a lot more fun to write about than it was to experience.



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