Its natural for human beings to love their space. This is the reason people  young, older, or somewhere in between decide to shift from their current urban, suburban or in some cases city lifestyles  and move to more  rural areas. The reasons vary with each individual or family that either makes or wants to make the big move to the country. For some it is as simple as wanting to be more in touch with nature.  For others it may be a desire to have more control of the foods we eat and what we put into our bodies by raising our own foods and choosing for ourselves what if any chemicals  go on or into the meats, vegetables, and dairy products we consume.  Often, I’ll even go so far as to say most of the time it is necessary to have a source of income outside this , desire, to help support the other aspects of our life.   That may be continuing with the job or business we already have and finding a place that we can afford close enough to our source of income allow us to commute to our job or business.  Retirement is often the time that we decide that we are financially able or reach a point of now or never for this dream of independence and self gratification.  But why?  What is it about this lifestyle that inspires or drives people to, many times, leave all they know, and relocate to an area where they don’t know anyone and to visit with family is a trip not just a jaunt down the road?  Many times young families relocate taking their children and in some cases their parent or parents with them.  Why?  What are we looking for that can’t be had where we are?

What is it that makes some people take a perfectly beautiful yard in a residential neighborhood, uproot flower beds and plant vegetables?  Buy or build something called a chicken tractor or chicken coop and have chickens in the back yard.  What is a Chicken Tractor anyway?  Chicken  Where did that name come from?  I mean come on there are eggs right there in the store.  All you have to do is go buy them.   I have even heard that some go so far as to have rabbits in pens and raise them for meat.  Or a goat or two even (and milk it) !!!  shutterstock_150095264  What next a pig for petes sake?shutterstock_288008114

They are right you know!  Everything we need, food wise at least is available in the stores.  So what is it we are looking for?

I can really only speak for myself but having talked with other people that share the same desire and passions about this thing called Hobby Farming or Subsistence Living or whatever term we us to call it I don’t believe we, Pauline and myself, are unique in our feelings.  In a comical sort of way the old television sitcom Green Acres may be more factual than we realized or even if we don’t want to admit it.

Give me some space!  I like people, but I don’t want them in my pocket, or my business all the time.  I enjoy growing things.  It is amazing to plant a seed, small or large, in the ground and watch it grow to till it is ready for harvest and and notice the differences between that one and the one in the store that goes by the same name.  And to KNOW what is on or in it!  To crack an egg in the pan and the yolk is so deeply colored that it is almost orange instead of the traditional yellow.  And it has taste!  And to know that what caused it is natural not artificially stimulated.  Or fresh meats or dairy products that we know what the animal was fed and it wasn’t growth or production stimulants that may do me or my family more harm than good.

And then add the more simple things.  Like just sitting and watching the animals you choose to have react with each other.  Chickens are a lot like people you know.  http://hobbyfarmlife.com/chickens-are-a-lot-like-people/  Agricultural or farming endeavors such as gardening and raising livestock, large or small, is very rewarding in and of itself without the added health benefits.  But they are great to have as well.

And the freedom!  Just to be where the decision is mine!  My neighbor has the same right and I have to allow them that as well and that too is part of this thing called a Hobby Farm.

For those of you that are not there, yet, you may want to check out; http://hobbyfarmlife.com/can-i-do-it-where-im-at/

Bob & Pauline checking out here.  If you would like to drop us s note feel free to do so at paullyh12@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and let us hear from you!

Bob at paullyh12@gmail.com


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