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Farm life is not for everyone!  But then neither is city life.  For me the thought of living in a situation where I spend all day every day in close proximity with large numbers of people does not appeal at all.  Conversely, “Boy I love throwing in words like that occasionally and wondering if you will go look them up to see if I am using them correctly“.  As I was saying, conversely people that enjoy the daily and constant interaction with other people do not understand the attraction of living in a situation where it is not available.   Now let’s look at the physical aspect of agricultural based life.  We might as well own up to it, even though we may live in a rural area, have a garden and raise some livestock the majority of us on small acreage or Hobby Farms are not solely dependent on this endeavor for our primary support.  But if we participate in it at all there is a lot of the physical involved.  There’s lots of physical work involved on a farm like planting, mowing, watering and chasing livestock when they get out.  http://hobbyfarmlife.com/life-with-goats-on-the-funny-farm/ You might enjoy this one!  It can be hard work.

Now I know that none of us, the country lifers, have ever thought or made the statement that city people don’t know what work is; They should try doing my job all day.  And I know that no one making their living from being behind a desk or in an office or even a factory job has ridden down the highway and seen a farmer in the field plowing planting or harvesting has thought or said.  Look out there all he (or she) does is sit in the cab of that air conditioned tractor on their _ _ _ all day  and they think they have it bad.  They should trying doing my job if they want hard work.

Well I have had the privilege of working both ends of this spectrum and having had these experiences has brought forth a saying that I am fond of.  EVERYONE ELSE’S   job is easy until you have to do it.

So why do some of us choose the country life over the city?  Why: If I have to work a job all day and then come home to have the farm chores to do, do we do it?  I mean where is that simple life we hear about.  I’m not sure simple is the right word but it is the one that has been used for years.  How about if you enjoy being a part of watching and helping things grow?  Plant or animal.  Being more aware of and more comfortable with what goes on and into the food we eat?  Seeing a sunrise sunrise 2

that is made up of a lot of nature and maybe some wildlife.  Sunsets are just as nice.  Sitting out on the porch and listening to the birds sing, the cows, make the noises cows make,.  Even the neighbors dogs barking for no known reason.  My dogs of course would never do that!  http://hobbyfarmlife.com/chickens-are-a-lot-like-people/(Here is one that fits right in.) Or maybe being up early in the morning, or late in the afternoon when finished with the farm chores, and hearing pretty much nothing.  I love the quiet.  (This is getting a lot easier since my hearing started going a few years back).  Nature is not particularly quite but her noise is not often offensive either.

More healthy?  Maybe?!

me & chics 2 Or it should be at least.  The advantage of the exercise that is so readily available if we participate in it.  The cleaner air and hopefully cleaner water.  The reduction of stress.  For me it is a lot less stressful to deal with a romantically inclined bull, or cow, that has gone to visit the neighbors.  Or a fox or coon or maybe even a possum or skunk that is particularly fond of eggs or even chicken than the frantic and congestion of heavily populated areas.

See I find the benefits of farm or rural life to be many and varied.  Not everyone feels the same thankfully or it would be a lot more crowded out here.  But for those of us who do it is aa rich and rewarding lifestyle.

There is much to learn and much to do and not all of it pleasant but if you want the good you have to enjoy the bad, or not so good as well.

Did I cover it all?  Let me know.

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