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The tractor was still down and had been in the shop for a year  (grey market)

In quite a few of the earlier post I have spoken of the amount of land we have that is still virtually unusable as far as grazing livestock or getting any pasturage from it due to the amount of trees on it.  It may have sounded at time as an “OH POOR PITIFUL ME” situation.  It was and is not that.  What is has been and is still is an attempt to share with others of like interest the daily routines if life here and the situations that we may not be financially able to hire someone else to do so must do ourselves in order to accomplish what we want it to be.

My attempt this time is to give you a pictorial detailed example of the task at hand.


Bob & Tractor

This is me on my sole piece of (large?) equipment. A 27 hp tractor which has had a lot of hydraulic problems so has been partially or completely down for at lest half the time here.

land 5

This is what we are starting with. About 1.5 to 2 acres half untouched since we had it timbered 12years ago.

land 1

More of the same taken from the bottom of the ridge. You may see the green and think well there is grass there. NO that is mostly something very similar to a plant that was at one time sold for hanging pots or baskets called inch plant at the time. Neither cow or hog wants to eat it.

land 12

part of it usable for a small amount of pasturage. That of course is the barn in the background with our loading chute closer. Note the stump in the foreground? That still remains from the timbering 12 years ago. There are still several around from huge old o0aks that were taken down. A shame yes but they were beginning to die out so we took them. The money didn’t hurt either!


land 7

THE  SMALL AND NOT SO SMALL TREES REMOVED AND PILED ALONG THE PROPERTY LINE about 200 to 300 foot of it about 5′ high not counting the limbs sticking in the air

land 9

Starting to look a little better here. You can see we left some of the smaller ones because they should be marketable in about ten more years and provide a little income at that time.

Well you can see somewhat how we ended up.  About a third of it has some grass on it the rest bare except for the remaining trees.  There is still work to be done of course.  Always will be but that is part of who and what we are.  We still have more to clear but I guess I best concentrate on getting some grass going here.  Need to get a soil test done to see what if anything needs to be added to the soil.  It is not unusual in the area to need a lot of lime added to the soil.  One to two tons per acre in places.  This was predominately hardwoods so I hope that is not the case.  Evergreens, cedars, tend to make the soil more acidic and that is the predominance of what is left so we will see.

WHY?!!  It is part of who and what we are.  To work with the land and animals and make it the best we can for all parties concerned.  Work on your projects.  I know you have them whether they are the same as ours or not.  Enjoy them as you go and be proud of your accomplishments.








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