HEY I GOT IT GOT IT The Barn Addition Is Finished

the barn still needed a side addition to provide cover for the equipment and hay for the winter


Was just getting ready to start running the strings to layout the locations of the barn poles yesterday and of course discovered something, not totally unexpected that needs attending before the new addition.  One of the upright post and two  of the bottom beams are badly rotted. yes it is still standing and did not show much sag so far but attaching the new section to an already weakened structure did not make sense so let’s correct it before we go any further.  Several of these areas have already been replaced or just reinforced as needed from the inside.  These were completely exposed and easy to get to  but this area is where I built the shop when we first bought and was remodeling the house.  With the house so much on our minds I did not notice the rot at that time.  Or just did not take the time to correct it.

As you can see what I had to do was take the outside wall off to gain access to do anything.  This was built as a tobacco barn.  Gaps left between the boards for ventilation bottom boards put on first and top ones overlapping them.  A good design for it’s purpose and has been here for somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 years so it must work.  Actually it amazes me.  It is not anchored down in any way just a series of  20 co0ncrete pillars buried in the ground all straight square and level with the uprights and laterals interlocked and nailed together for the first 10′ section and then another 10′ on top of that.    No code enforcment, no inspectors and it is still standing and other than rot caused by someone  putting a skirt of tin around the bottom no rot.

Anyway I have to either rip out and replace or reinforce the first bottom support beam on this side, jack the second upright up and remove the   bottom 15″  of it and replace it and remove and replace a section of the second lateral beam for about three foot.  And all of this has to be accomplished from just the outside.  To gain access from the inside I would have to take the wall to the shop down and remove the first section of plywood flooring back four foot.  That is not even considering all the STUFF I have hung and stored on the inside of the wall itself.  Twenty foot of it.  We’ll See!   

barn repair You may notice there is a large piece of the bottom beam missing and that remaining LOOKS rotten itself? 

The remaining part is kind of like me, It may not look so good any more but it is still functional and does the job.  (Well maybe not always in my case.)

barn rep 2

Now here is my remedy. Had to buy a new PT 6×6   and put in a new piece then took a piece of old light pole I had laying around and cut it into section to fit under at selected areas to support it since I could not tie it all back together the way I would have liked 

barn rep 3

The next section doesn’t look much better but just had to add additional support under the one end

When the needed repairs were completed the string l run and the post set in the holes I decided it was time to get a little help.  I AM NOT A CARPENTER!  If I want the 4×8 sheets of roof sheeting to fit on the rafters and the metal roofing to come even close to lining up with the edges I best get someone that knows more that I do.  So I called a brother-in-law.  He has been a carpenter all his life.

stringers up

Thar she be; All tied in and the 16′ stringers up. Pretty well square too. 

sheeting up

SHEETING UP!!!! And as you can see the edges match and there was no need to scab on pieces to   nail to even once. Credit the brother-in-law!


finished barn


Yep you are absolutely right.  The clean-up is not complete  But it is up.  You may also notice the boat is already under roof.  This was one of the main motivators.  We don’t use it as often as we used to but that is no reason to let it go to rack and ruin.  We might again.  Also the hay is not in but I can put it there now.  Also the siding is removed from the last bay wall of the old barn to increase the storage are and give more use of the barn itself.

I know you  were tired of hearing about this barn project and I was tired of it hanging over my head so now it is completed.  On to something new.  And yes that is already started.  You will get to hear about that sometime soon.

One other thing here.  Billy, the brother-in-law helped for about three days and made a lot of things a lot easier.  Thanks Billy.


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