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Pensecola FL Beach


Dorian, the hurricane, took  a northern turn sparing the East coast of Fl. We received word from Nancy, Pauline’s sister in FL. yesterday the evacuation has been lifted and people can return to the island.  Hutchinson Island.  A barrier island in SE FL.  That is where we have already paid for the month of September for a space to park our RV for the month.  We were fortunate enough to find a space in a mixed use development there on a canal just a short boat ride to the Indian River which in turn empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  At a rate we can’t really afford but less than the local RV Parks are charging and those not on any water.  Forget about ocean access.  Not that I have a boat anymore. LOL  I do plan to fix that though.  Will It be a kayak?  A Kayak For Two People In Their 70s?  A Kayak For Two People In Thier 70s?  We haven’t decided yet.  There will be more on that of course.  Full ameneties neat clean and regulated enough that it stays that way.  I guess what I am saying here is that if you are doing as we are DON,T limit yourself to just the NORMAL RV Parks for parking.  We are finding there are quite a few options to where one might be able to stay.  Private owners with a site in a development or trailer park that can be rented. Mobile home parks that have vacancies.  Individual or park owned.  If you have contacts where you are going maybe they can help.  (There are more than just the parks available.)
Back to where we were a week ago.  Western end of the Fl. Panhandle. Gulf Coast.  mobile2  Clear blue water white beachs light breeze a lot more sunshine than I need.  Hot and Bright.  Part of why we moved to the mountains of east TN to start with.

Pensecola FL Beach

Pensacola FL Beach





Headed South on highway 98 which runs right along the coast offering pretty regular views of the Gulf.  ( ADD PHOTOS) We did make detours to avoid the larger cities though.  gulfcoast4gulfcoast1


I am not fond of crowds traffic and congestion.
Our ultimate goal for today is where ever we get to.  The only pressure is what we put on ourselves.  In this case SE FL has family we have not seen in months and in some cases months and years before that.  So yes we want to get there tomorrow.  And we have already paid for a week we didn’t get to use.  Cheap o Bob kicking in again. LOL
Our first designated point of interest is Mexico Beach.  The town where one of our more recent Hurricanes made landfall a couple of years back.  The devastation shown on the reports was shocking and I guess a morbid sense of curiosity had us wanting to see what kind of headway had been made in the recovery.  We had visited Homestead FL right after Andrew tore it up.  There to help a friend.  That was humbling.  It was supposed to have went in my home town,  Fort Pierce, instead.
Mexico Beach  did not look TOO bad now but still a lot of boarded up business and homes and piles of debris around and this is I think two years later.  Makes me wonder what Dorian would have done to my old home had it went in there as projected.
Ok we’ve seen that.  Back on the road again.  Still along the coast.  A little later Pauline is back on the on the internet looking for a good seafood restaurant for a late afternoon break where we can get Oysters on the half shell of course.  Hopefully from the Gulf.  Warm water oysters do have a very different taste than those from the cooler waters further north.  She found one.  Well actually several.  Calls and considererable grumbling later we have settled on one that sounds like it may fit our need and wants.  Our needs?  Something we can enjoy to eat and a comfortable place to take a break before we drive  for a while yet today.  Just to put us a little closer to our goal of Jensen Beach FL.
WE FOUND IT!  Not that we are all that picky mind you  Good Fresh Oysters nice family atmosphere cold beer Pauline likes a Scotch and water but had to settle for wine this time and we were set to go.
Belly Up To The Bar Then.  We did, ordered our dozen oysters on the half shell Pauline decides on a wine I order my beer and the waitress points out a cooler on the wall behind us and tells me to help myself it is ON THE HONOR SYSTEM.  I needed clarification.  The honor system I ask?  Yes just get what you want and let me know come bill time.
WEEEEELL.  After I climbed back up on the stool we enjoyed some excellent oysters steamed shrimp that were so good we ordered a second half pound to go a very good fish dip and a nice conversation with one of the family owners. A pleasant young lady that was part of the wait staff, seemed to run the place but took the time to stop and pass the time with us for a few minutes.
Turns out the place had been in the family for quite a while.  Don’t remember exactly how long.  I may have still been in shock over the honor system and missed details.  Seemed to do a good business from the locals as well as us just passing through.  Apologies here because I did not take photos or even write it down but Pauline and I concur.  That is a nice word isn’t it.  And an even nicer occurence when husband and wife do agree, Indian Pass Raw Bar-Uptown.
If you are in the area and like good seafood I would definately reccomend a stop in.  We enjoyed it.  Even with the need to hunt a place to park our 50′ rig.
So we are up and going again.  Trying to agree on how far we want to go this evening and Pauline is back on the net search for a RV Park near where we want to stop.  Stomachs full, I have had a couple of Beer and I honored the HONOR system thank you and paid for both of them thank you.
There is situations that can arise from not having set plans and destination points and I begin to notice one of them pretty quickly as we zip along at about 45 or 50 mph.  Keep in mind we are traveling, Pauline trying to find some place ahead of us to stop for the night I am beginning to feel a little fatigue as well as I can tell she is since she will glance up occasionally and almost invariably about the same time we pass a park and comment well there was one getting a little more emphatic each time.  Being quick like I am I begin to notice a slight increase in irritation level each time this happens.   In my own defense now you need to keep in mind this is a two lane highway with not many opportunities to turn around and usually by the time we know the parks are there they are also behind us.  I can’t help it.  It is not on purpose.  HONEST!
Then it happens.  Right beside the road.  Right on the Gulf.  With vacant spots we can see; we pass it.    Believe me  I found a place to turn around.  I ain’t completely stupid you know.  We go back pull in and the office is closed.  Don’t panick here.  Quite a few of the Rv parks designate sites for late arrivals to park overnight and pay in the morning.  The Honor System again.  Nice to know it still exists.
Ho Hum RV Park is the name, which is very appropiate for us by now and it offered quite the sunrise views but you won’t get that till next post.
See You Then;



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