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I have mentioned several times  in previous post about my intentions to make a page for recipes and make some of my favorites available.  I still have not created that page but  share some with you as we go.  Then when I get around to creating that page I can list them in some easy to access order so they can be found and used when you like.

I am sure there are those readers that I know personally that are thinking well why isn’t it done yet?  You quit your job you should have plenty of time.  To clarify “I quit the paying job”.  Even before there was the scheduled work day and the things here at home.  To clarify the situation even more when I quit the scheduled job I took up the job of House Husband.  This is a lot like housewife but with a male doing it.  There is still the traditional male chores around the house as well as the farm chores but now I get to clean house as well.  It was a hard adjustment for Pauline at first but I think she is getting the hang of it now.  But anyway I still seem to be able to keep busy.

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Grilling Homemade Sausage


Today’s recipe will be Italian sausage.  I prefer to make it from pork I have raised for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost I have heard it said that there are 7 different meats in pork.  We not talking the cuts of meat; chops, steaks, hams and so forth but 7 different distinctive taste or flavors within the pig itself.  I have never taken the time or given much thought to that statement but I do know there is a lot of variation in taste of the different cuts.  There is NOTHING else in the whole hog that taste like a side of ribs.  (Not much in the world) !! Well maybe the other  side of ribs but that is about all.  Traditionally sausage is made from the trimmings from the whole animal.  The pieces that are not used when trimming out the ham and shoulders along with the chops or butt steaks or roast and yes even the head and bellies.  It is a combination of all these different flavors along with the seasonings that makes the best sausage.  Some parts have to much fat some not enough.  Some cuts; the meat is dry no matter how much fat you try to add and others seem fatty even if you trim it lean.  It is a blend or mix or combination that makes the best sausage.  But that is not always possible.  For some reason we run out of sausge several times before we run out of pork.  Yes you can  make it with just one type or cut of meat. SURE that is part of the privilege of being grown and self supporting.  You get to make your own choices.

Seriously you can make a good sausage with just one or two cuts.  The Boston Butt makes good sausage and usually has a good ratio of fat to lean.  The shoulder is usually a little lean and definitely more work although they are also usually cheaper.  Or less expensive if you prefer.  A combination of the two is also a good sausage combination.  Also from the butts you can pull 2 to four bone in steaks off, depending on thickness of course and either treat them like chops or broil or grill.  For the grill I like mine a heavy 3/4″ to 1″ thick.  Salt, pepper and garlic to your taste add the bar-b-q sauce of your choice a little heat till the juices run just clear  include veggies of your choice and maybe a little bread and it is enough to make you want to slap your              ; (well I started to say Pappy but I have never had anything good enough that made me that foolish).  From the shoulders?  Save the shanks.  There is not a lot of meat there anyway and you don’t need the extra tendons or tough muscle in the sausage. Braise them with with a little or lot of onion and seasoning of  your choice and it is definitely fit to eat.  As far as seasoning on any meat you will find I am a definite believer in the KISS principle.  But it is yours.  Remember you are grown and self supporting.

Sausage is what we are talking about; Italian in this case, either stuffed and made into links or bulk for patties or meatballs.  30 lbs.  is what this recipe is for.  I make some for other people from their share of the hog of course.  If I sell them sausage taxes has to be paid and I believe there may be enough of that going on already.  Thirty pounds of meat, about 3o% fat at the most.  Any more it is too fat, much less, it starts to get dry in a hurry.  To dry, or lean, no taste.   Cut-up the meat, no gristle, bones or tendons included.  Pauline has mentioned on occasions “when I have missed these” that they are not very palatable.  And she is right.  Boy I hate to admit that in public.  Cut it into pieces your grinder will handle well.  It is recommended in most circles the seasoning to be added after grinding.  Run the meat through a course plate twice mixing between runs to evenly distribute fat.  I like a 1/4 to 3/8″ plate.  Mix seasoning with two to three cups of water to aid in mixing, pour over meat and mix very thoroughly to insure an even blend of the spices.  Let set, under refrigeration, for about a half hour.  Cook 2 or 3 small patties taken from different ares of the mix to test seasoning and for an even mix.  If you decide you want to add more of a seasoning now is the time.

I am giving you the ingredients as I remember them from the original.  I mention this because I have made some modification in ours due to health and personal preferences.  These I will note as I go along.



30 POUNDS PORK TRIMMINGS   (chill to very cold but not freezing)

6 ozs. sugar

6 0zs salt

6 ozs MSG

3 ozs White Pepper

3 ozs Black Pepper

3 ozs Crushed Red Pepper

6 0zs Whole Fennel Seed

6 ozs Dried Oregano

6  ozs Garlic Powder

FOR HOT Make it 6 oz. crushed red pepper and  6 0z. of cayenne.  I you want it hotter feel free to do yourself all the harm you want

I no longer use MSG.  Too many health issues for to many people.  Migrain headaches ,is that spelled right, seem to be to be one of the big ones.

We also cut the salt in half.  Again health issues, Pauline hasn’t actually said so but I think she may be of the opinion that her high blood pressure could be me instead of the salt.  Possible I guess.

The white and black peppers add a little different flavor each and the white carries a little more heat.  Use all black if you prefer.  Or white I guess.

I use the whole Fennel seed because I find the ground fennel quite strong.  The whole seed doesn’t give all the meat the same flavor but a nice little surprise when you hit it.

With this as with any recipe it is subject to change to suit your taste.  I would recommend trying it as it is first and add your personal touches later.   We sold a ton of it when I was a meat cutter.  Make a smaller batch?  Remember these are dry weight measurements.  Pauline bought me a little measuring cup with ounces and teaspoon and other small measurements so I don.t have to guess.

Try it!  I know you will enjoy it.  I have made to much of it for too many people for it not to be.  It freezes well but is best when cooked within a few hours  or a couple of days after making.  Stuffed and on the grill, over wood, is my favorite.

Enjoy and give me a little feed back when you do.

Bob          paullyh12@gmail.com  or just use the comments section at the end of this post

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