Farm Fresh Off The Griddle Or Smoker In This Case

Still working on just the right recipe for country smoked sausage but this batch was not bad at all.

Here it is all freshly seasoned ground stuffed wrapped and ready for the freezer. My grinder, probably almost as old as I am but close and it still works too. The stuffer on right just a cheap o lem model. Not great but does the job

(When I woke up this morning you were on my mind)  Sounds like a song lyric doesn’t it.  Some of you, or us, may even remember when it was.  But in all actuality it was smoking that was on my mind.  Smoking Sausage that is.   Been trying to find or come up with a good, in my opinion, smoked sausage recipe.  Now I do a good breakfast or country sausage but a good smoked sausage has a different taste and again in my opinion should be a courser grind.  The seasonings are different too and I have not yet found or created  my own  recipe that meets what I am looking for.  There are a couple commercial varieties that are good but I want to make my own.  YEH like I don’t have enough to do.  I found one on the net yesterday totally different than anything I have tried so far and thought to give it a try today.  Started about seven, that is A M  after reading for a while with my morning coffee and didn’t finish until about 2:30 in the afternoon.  No not all that time was spent on making ten pounds of stuffed smoked sausage.  I also made 15 pounds of sweet Italian since I was grinding and besides we were out and we have family and friends about asking about it as well.  Yes that is still a lot of time but you remember that not only is the clean-up involved but first I had to mix up the seasonings.  And I did a little painting while the smoking was on.  Got in a little reading to.  Now here comes the problem I have.

The seasoning mix, or should I say recipe.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with this one or any others I have looked at and in some cases used.    Let’s say we start out with six ounces of salt as I do in my sweet Italian recipe.   and move on down to the 3 ozs. of oregano.  The container of a box of table salt may tell us there is 1 lb. 10 ozs. in it.  I have always assumed we are talking weight here but if I measure out 6 ounces in a measuring cup is that by weight or dry or wet measure.  They are different.  Look at the oregano.  A normal or average bottle in the grocery store will say 1.5 ounces.  Again I assume, I know (ass-u-&-me) that is by weight.  So I emptied a bottle into a measuring cup and by this cup there was 3 ozs. in the bottle.  I can tell you just by feel it was not 3 ozs. by weight.

Is a recipe measurements written by volume or weight?  If volume is it wet or dry and if by weight how many of us keep a scale around to measure a few ounces at a time?  Again I want to stress here that I am not being critical of others I have done the same thing myself.  I don’t have a ounces scale around the house.  When I try a new recipe, usually for sausage, after it is ground and mixed I cook a few small patties and if it does not taste as I think it should I adjust the seasonings and sample again as I did yesterday.  Now it is still not an absolute test in this case as the sausage was yet to be stuffed or smoked.  Both of which change the taste incidentally not just the smoking.   

It turned out pretty good after I adjusted the amount of ginger and sage both of which are fairly light flavors until you get too much then they tend to overpower the dish.  All a matter of taste!  I’ll not give you the name of the site where I found the recipe not because I think it is not good or a bad site but because it did not turn out exactly as I wanted so I can’t say it was good either.  Pauline says it is very good but she may just be tired of my attempts and wants me to settle down to one

I tend to over think things, or so I have been told.  But that was mostly my ex-wife.  I seem to remember on more than one occasion “you analyze everything!”.   This  usually occurred while we were having a difference of opinions and there was normally some heat in the discussion as well.

Just so you know I did a little research and there does not seem to be a definitive rule on this.  Sometimes a recipe will say if it is wet or dry measure and if I understood it correctly wet measure is by weight not volume.  If you get say a half cup measure and then 8 ounce measure unless specified it seems to be best guess.  But we just went to the store and they had a small scale that weighs up to 2 lbs. for $5.00,  we bought it.  What I am doing now, since I have the small scale is if it gives ounces I will weigh it.  If other measuring units, tsps. or cups or whatever I will go with that.  I just want to find something so I can be consistent.

I really would like to know though.  Is there a standard so when passing along a recipe it will be posted in a form easily understood by others.  I am sure some of you have thought of this as well.  Did you get a answer and if so what was it?  If you don’t mind drop me a note.



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