Daily Farm Life. Does It Affect Our Daily Lives

new pigs for that new hog house aquired and they seem to appreciate that it is there

What is it that makes farm or hobby farm life different than any other type of life?  My opinion on this would be the direct and often immediate effect it has on us and in may cases and continues on for weeks and months to come..

Let me give you an example!

Remember back in October I think it was I had written that we had found a good buy on a large, about 400 lb., hog and two pigs and had bought all three?  Country Sausage In The Making  And how we had slaughtered the large one almost immediately to make sausage?  We did and he looked in good shape and was.  For breeding.  Not enough fat in him for good sausage though.  We let friends and family get some of it 0ff of us and have received nothing but compliments from anyone about how good it was.

This is not uncommon.  Routinely when we butcher we have more sausage than Pauline and I can use, even as much as I like it, and have never had a person say they did not care for it.  Keep in mind to some of these are family and have no problem telling me “Hey Bob I think you screwed up on that one”.  That didn’t happen but I have not enjoyed it!  Not any of it.  Not the smoked, not the Italian, not even the breakfast or country bulk sausage.  It just hasn’t been right to me.  Not enough fat to keep it moist and the texture of the meat itself was off.  Grainy is the way I have described it.  Pauline looks at me like I am crazy when I say this and admittedly no one else is complaining but to me it is not right!

I enjoy what I consider good sausage.  Have always been partial to good sausage so long as the seasonings are of a mixture I enjoy but the meat itself has to be right as well.  It is hard for me to explain what I mean but as I have said on this last one the meat had a grainy texture to me.  It wasn’t smooth and juicy as I like it.  I don’t mind, in fact personally I like a little courser grind than is normal.  Pauline on the other hand does not share this preference so we get the more traditional.

Thankfully we are about out and others have already expressed an interest in having more when we make again so it is about time to get one of the pigs we have on the ground out of the feed barrel and make more sausage.  We may pen them up a little tighter so they don’t get as much exercise and put a little more marbling in the meat itself.

The closer we live to the things that we can control have a more immediate effect on us as we choose what we do or do not want.

Know any good sausage recipes you want to share.  If so feel free to send it to me and should I try it I will let you know how it comes out for me.  And share it online if you like.  Believe me I don’t have the corner on good sausage recipes.


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