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Yeah I know I said putting up that lean-to off the barn was to be the next project but then I remembered that I still have to build a ramp to the loading chute  I built a few months back.  But first I do have a lot of weeds that are starting to get pretty tall in the pastures and if I cut them down and don’t allow them to seed a couple of seasons of that and I should have them under control.  I do this by hand to keep from mowing grass I can’t afford to loose.  I have more cow than I have grass so I can’t afford to mow.    It is just a small job so I can do it by hand.  (No grins and giggles here now).  Didn’t quite finish before I became lazy and thought hey I have this 1/4 acre down by the spring that is just covered up with weeds so maybe I’ll just mow that one while I am at it.

It is one of the areas I cleared with the tractor early on before I broke it.  So here I go down the hill to do it but when I get there and start I’m beating my guts out just trying to cross it.  It is rough!  I had pushed and pulled the stumps when clearing this one and never leveled it off so there are hole and mounds everywhere.  Typical Bob fashion a spot decision is made.  Let’s fix it.  So me and the tractor get started.  First the box blade, with teeth down.  If this ground has ever been turned it was at least 20 years ago and my tractor is not big enough to do it this way.  I do have a tiller for it though and it will pull that.  Put the tiller on and about 4 hours later we have it done.  Now the box blade.  Couple of hours here and that is done.  Now for grass seed.  All I have on hand is cool weather grasses.  Rye and Fescue.  They don’t germinate well in the summer months.  Of course I haven’t had real good luck with them in the cooler months either.  Maybe I am not holding my mouth right?  That is what Dad always said when the fish were not biting.  So let’s call the local suppliers.  TSC the Co-op Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Nope there is no recommended grasses for summer planting.  Research time.

Have I mentioned I love the Internet.  Anything can be found there.  NOT!!!  But wait there is native grasses for this area.  Several varieties that were growing here before we decided we could improve on nature.   None are sold locally and you have to buy at least 5 lbs. at about $20.00 a lb. plush shipping!  And that is if you find it.  And then it is not really recommended to plant right now.  So what to do.  I don’t want to leave it bare.  If we should get one of our summer storms, and we will, my dirt will then belong to the neighbor.  I have pretty much decided that what I am going to0 do is get some of last years hay from one of the local farmers, at least I hope I am, enough pea seed to cover it well and make do with that until it starts to cool off.  This will give me a chance to decide what I want to plant as well as letting the peas help with the soil improvement.  Come fall we will see.  If you know of or find a grass or just a better idea let me know.  As has been proven many times I do not have all the answers.  Even a lot of my questions are not the right ones.

If it is as hot where you are as it is here now take care of yourself.

What I finally did was use the seed I had, rye and fescue, even though it was mid summer.  I did get fair stand but summer heat and cattle grazing it before it was established amounted to me losing most of it.  I have however been taking hay down and letting the cows feed on it.  Picking a different spot each time I did get part of it covered with dropped hay and hopefully the seed in that will germinate.  I know I have a ph problem in the soil and need about 2.5 tons of lime per acre to bring it to where it needs to be.  Money again.

We will see what happens


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