Actually I think it is probably the other way around since chickens were probably first in the evolutionary timeline.  Whether we are staunch believers in creation or evolution I think animals came first.  And no I was not personally there regardless of what my grandkids think.

Back to the chickens.  When Pauline and I first moved onto our little piece of (heaven?) chickens were the first farm animal we got.  I know it should probably be obtained but you will catch on pretty quick that I speak less than proper English.  We started with Sex Links.  They were the latest and greatest at the time.  The price was right too.  We Had our chicken yard already.  Attached to the old tobacco barn on the property.  We didn’t feel comfortable letting them free range totally because we both had to get jobs and go back to work so no one was around to keep wild or domestic animals in the area off these free meals on the hoof, well foot in this case.

After we came home each day we would let them out to run down all the delicacies around that they seem to enjoy so much and we would just as soon not be bothered with.  You know, worms, spiders, grasshoppers, fleas and ticks among many others.  This not only helped with the insect population but cut down on the feed bill somewhat and by far more importantly improved the taste and flavor of the eggs.  That is not just MY opinion incidentally.

We were tired after a 12 hour work day.  Grab our beverage of choice and a lawn chair for the backyard let chickens out and sit and watch them.  Exciting you think?!~, well it can be.  Especially if like Pauline you were born and raised just 30 minutes south of NY City.  She was not totally new to this type of thing.  We had been married for 10 years already and we raised rabbits and a couple of pigs in
FL.  My point of origin.

Back to the chickens for crying out loud!

If you have a flock of even 5 or ten you will find several people you know within the flock.  In every group of any size you’re going to find someone that always wants to run everything.   You Know: “Come over here, the foods better at this spot”.  “No, not that way move over and let me show you how”.  I’m not talking just us roosters ladies.  Then there is another  one that is constantly trying to keep the rest bunched up cause you know how SHE gets if we don’t do it her way.  Or maybe the one that is usually off by itself because, well it seems alright to me over here and I bet these bugs are just as tasty as theirs.  If you don’t believe me just take the time to sit and watch your flock  sometimes.  OH, I almost forgot; how about when the entire flock is walking along together, everyone walks over the same spot and no-one except the last one notices that bug down there but let her pick it up and all of a sudden EVERYBODY wants it.  I saw it first give it back and the race is on.  You’ll find all these similarities between people and chickens and you will get up feeling much more relaxed and at ease as you put  the chickens back in the relative safety of the yard and roost for the night.

OH and how about those roosters?  Well to tell you honest other than his obvious and biological  purpose I saw him in just about every bar or public gathering I’ve ever attended.  You remeber him to right.  Loud crowing, bright plumage which he was constantly ruffling to get the ladies attention and if a hawk flies over he’ll yell and tell everyone to get under a tree so that hawk can’t get ya.  And if the hawk should get one well I’m not going out there and fight him (they should have LISTENED to ME).  Seriously the only thing any of mine have attached is me and maybe the family dog who doesn’t know if they are allowed to fight back or not.  They do seem to occasionally uncover a virtual treasure trove of bugs and or worms occasionally and call the hens over to share.  It does occur to me however that they may have ulterior motives.  Of course no one knows him do they?

They are all there, people you have known everywhere you have been all your life: they will be in every flock you will ever have as well.

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