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The Most Harmful Household Appliance On the Farm

Keep in mind THIS  IS JUST AN OPINION Farm, Hobby Farm, Subsistence Farm or just plain rural or country living are the people that

Another Day On The Hobby Farm (Basset?)

As usual our day starts early.  Pauline has to be at the office by seven and out of whatever my motivation is that day

The Hobby Farmer Has Questions (About Steelheads)

You ever run into something that just kind of keeps you asking questions about it?    Something that may be of no real importance at

New Farm Emplement for Cheap Three In One

Mad Max were the first thought for two of my boys when they first saw it.  But now I have a three in one

Things Not Heard On The Farm Anymore

As I have shared before when we first bought and moved in the property was rough.  The land  had been totally neglected for about 12

HEY I GOT IT GOT IT The Barn Addition Is Finished

Was just getting ready to start running the strings to layout the locations of the barn poles yesterday and of course discovered something, not totally

Let’s Get Rid Of The Bull On The Farm

I have had it on my mind for several days that I needed to get back in here and put out something new on

How Is Your Summer On The Farm

It has been HOT here and BUSY.  You would think with 16 hours of daylight each day I would be making a lot of


Good Morning again.  Yes it is early here again, about 6:30.  Why so early?  Well I am up anyway whether I want to be

Created Myself Another Farm Issue or Problem

Yeah I know I said putting up that lean-to off the barn was to be the next project but then I remembered that I still