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STEELHEAD Something New On the Hobby Farm (AGAIN)

Once again we tried something new!  Now a few years back that may well have had entirely different images coming to mind but it

Slab Apple Pie (New To This Farm)

Doesn’t look much like an Apple Pie does it? About a month before thanksgiving Pauline started looking for a set of cookie cutters.  Not

A New Recipe For This Hobby Farmer

It is cold here this morning.  About ten days before Christmas and about 30 degrees and falling when we woke up.  So I am not real interested

Today’s Hobby Farm Breakfast

Breakfast. Our eating habits have changed on the farm over the years but that does not mean they cannot be just as tasty and

Farm Fresh Off The Griddle Or Smoker In This Case

(When I woke up this morning you were on my mind)  Sounds like a song lyric doesn’t it.  Some of you, or us, may

Bob’s Low and Slow One Pot Farm Dinner

OK let’s face it:  Our home grown meats, be they beef pork chicken or whatever are not going to be the same as that sold

Grass Fed Beef Steak Recipe

It is early here.  Six Thirty AM actually, nice and cool , about 56 degree I think.  Should degree have an s, degrees?  I am

Farm Raised!! Farm Fresh!! Home Made SMOKED BACON

As promised in:  Just discovered I had originally put it down as a half cup of salt when it should have been a

Farm Preserving of Meats “CORNED BEEF AT HOME”

It really is not a difficult process you know?  Making your own corned beef at home I mean.  Now I am not talking about

(Farm) Raised (Home) Made Italian Sausge

I have mentioned several times  in previous post about my intentions to make a page for recipes and make some of my favorites available.