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Dry Or Liquid On The Farm And Why? Lime That Is

Are you aware that the application of lime to your soil, IF NEEDED, is not a one time fix?  Personally I have been aware if this for

How To Make Our Farm & Garden Soil OHH So Sweet

Spring is just around the corner here on our little hobby farm and as with everyone that enjoys the outdoors this brings about thoughts of

The Hobby Farm’s 2016 In Retrospect

Good Morning!  Seems like I start a lot of my posts this way doesn’t it?  Actually there is a good reason for this.  I am an early

Last Harvest Of The Season On The Hobby Farm

After all my complaining about the summer heat we drop to 28 overnight tonight.  It was seventy at noon today.  BIG difference!  It did

Can The Small Farmer Feed The World

While continuing  to look for ways to make contact with other people in different parts of the world who are practicing  what we here call

Farm (or yard) Soil Samples

OK people this is not rocket science.  I know it is not because even I can do it.  It is pretty simple straight forward and even

Spring IS Coming To The Farm

The days are getting longer, it is a little warmer right now, trees are starting to bud out and it is not raining every day. 


HOBBY OR SELF SUSTAINING FARMING AROUND THE WORLD (Small scale family or group oriented farming focused on enabling self sufficient or independent living and

What You Need To Know About Starting a Hobby Farm

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to start a hobby farm. You might be thinking of retiring but want to stay

INTENSIVE GARDENING On The Hobby Farm ( Spring Is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

You know spring is coming again right? Yes you are right it isn’t even winter yet, “technically”. Just mid December! You haven’t even finished the