Another Day On The Hobby Farm (Basset?)


As usual our day starts early.  Pauline has to be at the office by seven and out of whatever my motivation is that day I start if not before then shortly after she leaves which is between 6:30 and twenty of seven.  Now today is Thursday and normally I would be working outside doing something as soon as the sun is up and I can see to do whatever.  Right now it would be dragging up and burning the trees that are cut down all over the property but there are two factors that stop this.  One it is wet.  Again!  Rained heavy on Tuesday and since everything is on a slope I would only be making a mess and sending my topsoil downhill by being out there with the tractor so that is a no go.  But the more important factor is our Son is coming for a visit today.  We are looking forward to that of course.

Since I can’t work outside and he is coming in I might as well get my domestic obligations out of the way early this week.  Normally Friday is housekeeping day but might as well make use of the downtime while waiting for his arrival.  But still there are a few things that need to be checked on outside.  Make sure nothing has gotten into the chicken yard and they have plenty of feed.  See to the hay for the cows and check the hogs feed to insure they are not short.

This process normally starts with me going downstairs to the mud room, change into my outside work, or play clothes as Pauline likes to call them and stepping out the back door to put on my muck boot, TSC, and away we go.  Same routine this morning but as I am bent over something catches my eye and causes me to look up and down the drive.

Low and behold just as big as you please here comes a Basset Hound.  Now I am not sure if you are familiar with the breed or not but they are not, at least to me, the most impressive looking dog going.  Long and low to the ground.  A tall one will have about 6″ legs.  Long floppy ears that may or may not be dragging the ground and usually a mournful if not sad face.  This one is obviously female.  Tits or utters or dugs or whatever other politically correct term you want to use almost dragging the ground which tells me she has recently had pups and sure enough right behind her is a cute cinnamon brown bundle of puppy.  pup   I’m guessing about 4 weeks old struggling to keep up with the fast pace of about a half mile an hour that mom is setting.  Did I mention that speed is not one of their breed characteristics either.

First thought through my mind?  Great!  Just what we need, another stray, and with pup too.  They don’t look malnourished or even hungry for that matter so they were probably dropped off last night.  Then I remember, we had a little excitement in the area last night.  I think every cop in the county and a couple of State Troopers was lined up on the road  Blue lights flashing head lights and spot lights all aimed at our neighbors house.  And of course we weren’t hanging out the window trying to see what was going on either.  Hey it was better that the fine entertainment provided on the TV.

But anyway maybe someone’s dog got out while all this drama unfolded for about and hour and a half.  OK I’ll just ignore them.  Pretend I don’t even see them and definitely NO FOOD.  Long story short, when Pauline comes in with our son from the Airport about 3 the pup is still lying by the mud room door.  Mom hasn’t been seen for hours and upon her being spotted Pauline’s first reaction was, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT.

I had it all planned out!  We will just leave it here for a while longer and hope mom comes back to get it.  If not we will right the neighborhood and see if we can spot mom and the rightful responsible party.  Steve just picks it up and into the house along with his luggage it goes.

Just what I need!  Another dog in the house.  A sixty pound boxer isn’t enough?  Of course she gets water and food to and before long Buddy, the boxer is starting to play wit it.  Not looking good here.  Attachment starting already.  Let’s take that ride.

I lucked out!  First house we passed there stands what may be a basset in the back yard fence.  Yep that is what she is and yep she is missing a pup.  Got out of the fence this morning and didn’t have the pup with her when she returned.  Yes we want the pup back as well.  I could have kissed them.  Didn’t think he would appreciate that though so we just came home picked her up and returned her to her happy home.  After Pauline inquired as to their seriousness of wanting the puppy back of course.  So goes life on our hobby farm and so long as our problems are no bigger than and easy to solve as this one I am happy as a pig in, well we will say, mud.

Pups are like kids, They are all cute and if they happen to be homeless or in need of a good home most of us feel that need or desire to fix the problem.  Around here strays of the four legged variety show up quite often and we can’t take them all.  Sorry.

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