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Pauline & Bib 2015

It is cold here this morning.  About ten days before Christmas and about 30 degrees and falling when we woke up.  So I am not real interested in going outside to work and there is plenty to do inside getting ready for Christmas .  But for the moment it is just routine everyday things that I got caught up in.

It is my habit that if I have decided on something for dinner that night I do my prep work early so when that time comes it is a matter of just putting it together and whatever cooking is necessary.  And it is still dark out.  Until about 7:30 or 8 o:clock.  Might as well do something with the hour or so after Pauline leaves and when I could start outside anyway.  Right?  No use just sitting around.

We have some leftover chicken and turkey stock in the refrigerator from the past weekends cooking.  My mind was on Chicken pot pie.  I love a good pot pie of just about any variety.  It’s not soup, not quite a stew, has the veggies in it already and a good gravy to go with the crust and all cooked in one pot.  A couple of plates or bowls to be serve in a few pieces of silver ware and you are ready to eat and the cleanup is quick and easy too.  That is why I like early prep.  By dinner time I am starting to wear down and I want dinner, or is that supper, to be quick and easy.

Dinner or supper.  I grew up with it being supper.  Because of some lifestyle choices I pursued I learned to call it dinner and that still sticks.  It is the same meal and should still taste good and be satisfying regardless of what it’s called.

Either way you are not getting pot pie tonight.  This often happens with me.  I see something different and decide I want to try it.  (Pauline keeps saying I need to be careful with that.  No idea what she is talking about.)

While double checking my mental pot pie recipe I stumbled up on something called Creamed Chicken with Oysters.  Normally I stick with whatever I have the ingredients for and this called for two items I don’t have on hand.  Oysters, which we enjoy in just about any form, and cooking sherry neither of which we don’t keep on hand.  I have to go to town today for a few other items anyway so I can grab the oysters while there.  The Sherry.  Yeah I could but we don’t use it often.  My fault!  I get very aggravated when a good piece of meat is covered up with a heavy wine sauce.  “Where’s the meat” comes to mind.  And I am not likely to buy a bottle of something that we don’t use otherwise for just 1 tbs. of it.  There has to be a substitute.  Turns out there are quite a few.  Everything from Cider Vinegar to some fruit juices.  Gotta love the net.

We all ready have everything else and I need to get the turkey and chicken stock put up  anyway.  So here is the recipe.  No it is not mine, it comes right out of the Good Housekeeping Cookbook.  1969 edition.  Would you believe those recipes  still work.

creamed-chicken-and-oystersIt didn’t take long once the ingredients were collected and turned out pretty good.  There were couple of things I changed that could have made a difference, not for the best.  I used fresh oyster, not canned as called for and I substituted frozen biscuits for the canned in the recipe.  Generally they are more light and fluffy that the frozen or homemade varieties so the meal seemed a little heavy.   I do think the oysters being fresh and large enough that I had to cut them up plus the fact that I did not have the biscuits done and ready to serve when the chicken and oysters were ready allowed the oyster flavor to overpower the dish.

Overall it was good enough that I think when I cook it again instead of the biscuits we may serve it over spaghetti squash.  Especially since I need to be watching what I eat and I think that, lightly buttered, would not only reduce calories but lighten the consistency of the dish as well.

Life changing?  NO.  But it did make a enjoyable break from the norm and a nice opportunity for conversation as the meal was prepared and eaten.

You enjoy good food too?  Check out the (recipe category) on this page.  There is not a lot of them but the ones we have tried and wanted to share.  Check them out.



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