A Little Squirrely Around The Farm Of Late

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Know I haven’t posted much lately and what I have was not quite what I wanted it to be.  I am going to lay it of to winter though.

It is usually thought, at least I did, that winter around the farm was that time of year that if your (HOBBY?) was out of doors you took a break from it.  You know what I mean.  It’s too cold outside, there is snow on the ground, that wind cuts right through you, “hey my barn is not heated I can’t work out there”.  Those and a few other good reasons to just stay inside kick back and just do what you want for a change.  YEAH!  Like that is going to happen.  About an hour of inactivity does it.

We have been here 13 years come mid April and there are still little jobs related back to the renovation we haven’t finished.  Like the bi-folds in the laundry room received their first coat of paint the other day.    I hate to paint!  A door finally went up on the little closet under the stairwell.  No paint on that yet.  And it may not happen soon either.  Sealed off a hole that allowed air from the crawl space to come inside.

What?  You didn’t think this kind of thing was part of life on a hobby farm?  Just working with the animals or doing those little jobs on the land right.  Not likely.

Winter here has been mild though.  A couple of days here and there of cold but mostly wet.  I did get a lot of those unwanted trees I am always talking about down and even about a half acre’s worth piled and burnt.  I decided it is better to burn as you go though, if burning is what you are planning, than to pile and the try to get the fire to go where you want it to later.  Too many variables there.

Did have enough time to dream up another project though.  All these cedars we are taking down should easily provide enough post to redo or outside fencing into something more sturdy and attractive than what we have now.  The original fence is starting to get loose and sagging and just generally looks like —-; well it doesn’t look good anyway.

And to top it all off here it is mid March.  Grass has greened up already but we just had record lows for about four days so it is not growing like usual for this time of year and we have (1), that is one role of hay left.  One role 3 cows.  Not a good ratio.  If I have to buy a couple more I wonder what the price will be.  Rape or rapture.  We’ll see.

I haven’t painted a very pretty picture of farm life have I?  But you know what?  I still would not trade it for life down town ANYWHERE!


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